Vilros Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Basic Starter Kit with Official Raspberry Pi Case

by Vilros
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Raspberry Pi 4 Basic Starter Kit and Official Red/White Case

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B is the latest product in the popular Raspberry Pi range of computers. It offers groundbreaking increases in processor speed, multimedia performance, memory, and connectivity compared to the prior-generation Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, while retaining backwards compatibility and similar power consumption. For the end user, Raspberry Pi 4 Model B provides desktop performance comparable to entry-level x86 PC systems

Kit Includes:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - 1GB, 2GB, 4GB
  • Official Raspberry Pi 4 Case (Choose Color: Red/White or Black/Grey)
  • Official Raspberry Pi Power Supply for Pi 4
  • Vilros HDMI (female)-Micro HDMI (male) Adapter
  • Vilros Heatsink for Raspberry Pi - (Set of 4)
  • Vilros Raspberry Pi Quickstart Guide (2nd Edition, Updated for Pi 4)

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
W. W.
The markup is ok

Compared to 4gb, the proportion is actually lower. But still wish to get a bared one in its MSRP…


The product arrived on time and it was amazing to find this online. My first purchase experience has been wonderful. Will definitely purchase more in the future.

Chuck B.
Decent Kit with Okay Markup

Good luck getting a Pi 4B without it being in a kit. That said, the markups on the Pi 4B are just insane. I've seen sellers selling a bare Pi 4B 4GB for $120.

The kit gives you a:
- Pi 4B 4GB (MSRP $55)
- Pi Case ($5 - $10)
- Heatsinks ($5)
- HDMI Dongle ($5)
- Power Supply ($10)

So, $80 worth of hardware for $140, while pretty darn annoying, it's much better than $55 worth of hardware for $120.

I honestly would have gone 4.5 stars, if there were the option to do so, just because of the markup. I also understand if they priced it too low, scalpers would just snap up the kits and part them out, leaving DIYers totally hosed.

The kit is great and has everything you need to get rolling on a new project.

Paul K.
Happy with purchase

The Raspberry Pi 4 delivered as promised. Happy with the additional pieces - power supply, case, etc. and I appreciated the manual that came with it.

Jacob H.
Vilros kits are always pretty useful

This is a great kit to get you started. Unfortunately, due to shortages, it's one of the only ways to get an RPi4 these days, and you'll pay a premium for it, but I can't say you'll regret it. The case is nicely made, and fits cleanly. The power supply seems of adequate quality, and the heatsinks, though of questionable surge value, should prolong the usuable life of the board. I've used Vilros and their competitors many times over the years, and there's just nothing bad to say about this kit.