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PiDOCK 400--Raspberry Pi 400 Compatible Dock & Display

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PiDOCK 400--Raspberry Pi 400 Compatible Dock & Display

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Important: Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard is NOT Included.

The PiDock 400 is the perfect laptop style dock with built in keyboard for your Raspberry Pi 400. The Pidock features an internal board that powers the built in display and the older, BCM Mouse connection from a raspberry pi to make it work like a full computer, including its own working mousepad!

It also comes with cables to connect to other external devices; such as input devices or output devices. This raspberry pi laptop kit Connected cables can be used for power-in [from outlets], RPI-Mouse [to cursor movement on monitor], HDMI distribution toward TV set (or other monitors), and USB-C Power Distribution Upstream toward multiple USB charging sources (on desk). This device will give you an edge toward building up any type of digital control

 You can also add a Powerbank package to power the Pidock on the go.

The PiDock 400 is a raspberry pi 400 personal computer kit Laptop Style Dock and Display created for a Raspberry Pi 400. The Pidock raspberry pi laptop case for the Pi 400 which features an internal board that powers the built in display and the Pi 400 keyboard.

It also makes the Power & HDMI connection from the monitor to the Pi 400 keyboard and features a built in mousepad that connects to the Pi400 Via a included easy to connect cable.

To set up the PiDock 400 you connect the included power supply to an outlet and you then use the included USB, USB-C & HDMI Cables to connect between the PiDock's built in HDMI, USB power out & Mousepad USB cable to the Pi 400 Keyboards HDMI, USB-C power in and USB input ports and you will be up and running.

The dock is designed in a way that makes it very easy to run the cables under the pi400 keyboard and into the ports.

This gives the Dock a neat setup with just 1 power supply running to an outlet

So, What is the Pi 400?

It's like a raspberry pi 4 laptop Featuring a quad-core 64-bit processor, 4GB of RAM, wireless networking, dual-display output, and 4K video playback, as well as a 40-pin GPIO header, Raspberry Pi 400 is a powerful, easy-to-use computer built into a neat and portable compact keyboard.

It’s a Raspberry Pi designed into a built into a compact keyboard.

Raspberry Pi 400 incorporates a purpose-built board based on Raspberry Pi 4. Featuring the same powerful processor, Raspberry Pi 400 has specially designed thermals to keep your rpi laptop like computer cool and silent while you’re hard at work.

The GPIO pins remain accessible, so if you want to explore beyond the desktop, you can connect components and prototype your projects. You can also use micro hdmi to hdmi, Microsd card slot, mouse power supply, mobile computing programs, micro hdmi ports, keyboard layouts, and much more with this complete personal computer built with raspberry pi os.


  • Slot to neatly hold a Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard (Not Included)
  • 13.3 Inch 1920x1080 Resolution Display
  • Built in Touchpad Mouse
  • 3.5 Audio output jack
  • Includes Carrying case for storage and travel
  • Included 5V DC 5.5 Power supply to power screen and Pi 00 



Customer Reviews

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Robert B.
Costly for what you get.

I found the Pi 400 does not sit in the space very well. I took the Pi Dock apart and was ready to file one side down when I realized that it was made that way. Since putting it together and letting it sit awhile, it straightened out somewhat. I have to agree with a video that I found online, a pair of speakers and a battery would have been nice, especially for the price without the peripherals. Still, I'm happy I bought it.

Terry F.W.
Great idea, but needs some work

I got this at a sale price over the Christmas holidays and I had high expectations. My expectation was that this would become my Pi400 laptop. It has definitely filled the bill. I can take a Pi 400 anywhere and have a nice monitor with a keyboard and a trackpad for a mouse. The monitor is very clear and renders colors well. I like having a portable Pi that doesn't require me to have a separate monitor and keyboard/mouse. Pretty nice. That said, this is not the best that it could be.

So, what do I feel could've been done better.
1. The case could've been made to be stiffer. It seems to be a extruded or molded and is generally pretty flimsy. As others have pointed out, the Pi 400 doesn't sit flush and will move around a bit when in use. The magnets on the inside bottom of the case don't do anything because there is no metal in the bottom of the Pi 400.
2. This really needs to be a docking station. You have to connect the Pi 400 with cables that are provided. Janky. The cable connections poke through the back of the case under the hinge. It would have been very simple to include a port extension hub at the base of the hinge and have connectors that can mate to the ports on the Pi 400. Other companies do this with the Pi Zero, so, why not this? Really, there is no excuse for having to cob together the provided cables and have them stick out of the back of the case. I think the maker could have provided more USB connectors as well as external monitor connections if they created a port extender. This design feature was not well considered in my opinion.
3. The trackpad is pretty awful. It works, but it is very sensitive to any hand or wrist skin that gets close to it. Since, you can tap the trackpad to select, I have had some serious aggravation when having to reselect, retype, or uncommit a trackpad click. It can be very hard to select text with the trackpad. So, I now have a wireless mouse dongle in the back and I use a mouse; hence, the need for more USB ports.
4. The last thing is the lack of a battery. I might be wrong, but I don't think any of the power bank batteries will work because they don't provide 12V. The power supply that is included is 12V-3A. I haven't tried a 5 V supply, but I wonder if 5V will drive the monitor. Something tells that it won't.

I would really like to see someone come up with a Pi 5 case that has a dedicated keyboard and monitor. Maybe something that you could just drop the Pi 5 into without the fuss of the Pi 400 keyboard.

Timothy K.
Not as good as hoped but great customer service.

I was really hoping that this would be the product of the year. Sadly, I was disappointed.

1. The case is a bit flimsy.
2. The raspberry pi 400 unit does not seem to fit very well because of the way the cables are designed. They are far too long and cause excessive looping outside of the casing. This interferes with the lid opening and closing.
3. Additionally, I purchased the battery so as to have true portability. There is no place in the case to put this battery pack. There’s all kinds of space, but it’s occupied in such a way that it’s not usable. Had the battery pack, perhaps been a long cylinder, or somehow made very flat and spread over a given area, perhaps could have fit inside of the case, but literally the spare battery to go outside the case. This external battery pack requires me to carry more stuff.
4. Then there is the external charger. I love the fact that I can plug-in and charge and when I want to go, but I can not put it into the carrying bag that came with it, the charger does not fit in that carrying bag at all. As a result, the new laptop case goes into the carrier, and then the charging block goes in my backpack. Either I carry the spare battery with me or I carry the battery pack with me. Either way, it’s another external device that has to tag along because it was not integrated. Honestly, for the money, I was hoping this would be a better product.
5. The screen has a stuck pixel that is turned on to white.
6. When closing the lid, it does not put the raspberry pie into sleep. It just keeps running.
7. When closing the lid, there is no divider nor cushion to protect the screen from hitting the raspberry pie which flops around loose in there. Yes, I made certain the cables were in their little track, so as to lay flat, but I think that the case is actually worked because the raspberry pi rocks in there, no matter how well I try to seat it.
8. For the money I spent, it would’ve been nice if the screen had been a touch screen.
9. During power on, when the raspberry pi initialize the screen, the screen has some sort of Chinese firmware that flashes onto the screen before it loads the pi 0S

1. It gives the raspberry pie a better chance at being portable.
2. The screen is nice and big.
3. It comes with some sort of laptop carrying satchel.
4. Tech support or after sales support was very responsive. I purchased the battery pack, but it did not come with, and so a shipment was had to supplement the missing battery. I did ask for directions as to how to install the battery, but I was not provided with the instructions. as it turns out the instructions, are you plug the battery in and let it hang loose externally because there’s no place inside the case
5. You have your choice of any color as long as it is white. Fortunately, white goes well with the raspberry pi 400.

Suggestions to improve:
1. Offer a place for the battery pack.
2. Offer a place for some sort of external USB drive that stays inside of the case attached to a small cable.
3. Give us a touch screen for this price.
4. Change the carrying satchel to accommodate the external charger.
5. Provide for a place for either the user to install speakers into the case or include some nice speakers, so one can hear what is going on without requiring one to insert a earphone Jack, or use Bluetooth or whatever it may be.


Very cheap, keyboard doesn't sit in the slot flush and teeters on the middle magnet. No room in the back for thick Ethernet cable. Does the job but really should have been $150

Sumer B.
Fantastic product!

Works perfectly for my needs! The added mobility and functionality is perfect, and eliminates the need to carry around a mobile lab! I recommend, but I wish it was made of a higher quality material, especially for the price!