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10,000mAh Portable Power Supply for PiDOCK 400

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by Vilros

10,000mAh Power Bank can power your PiDOCK 400 on the go.

This small power bank packs a big punch to power your PiDOCK 400 for hours.
It features a digital gauge to let you know how much battery is remaining so that you never run out of power in the middle of of a project.

The power bank Includes the following cables:
USB-A to 5.5mm DC Barrel Cable to power a PiDOCK 400.
USB-A to USB-C Cable to power a Raspberry Pi 4 Board.
USB-A to Micro USB Cable to power  Raspberry Pi 3 & Raspberry Pi Zero Boards.

You can charge the battery via a PC or any USB Power Port using the included USB-C or Micro USB Cables. 
You can also charge the battery via a separately sold USB Port Power Supply Micro USB or USB-C  power supply.

Important: The battery CAN simultaneously  supply power via its USB-A output port and be charged via the Micro USB or USB-C input ports. However the battery will shut down when the the input (charging) power is turned off/disconnected.


Raspberry Pi Pidock Run Time:
On a full charge this power bank can power your Vilros PiDOCK 400 for approximately 4 Hours and 20 Minutes 
(Tested with a PiDOCK 400 streaming video on YouTube)


  • Capacity: 10000mAh/37Wh
  • Size: 4.0*2.5*0.9in/102*64*22mm
  • Weight: 6.5oz/185g
  • On/Off switch
  • Ports: 1x Micro USB Port (input ) 1x USB-C Port (Input) 2x USB-A Port (5v/3a Output)


  • Battery 
  • 6 Inch USB-A to PiDOCK 400 Compatible Cable
  • 6 inch USB-A to Micro USB
  • 6 Inch USB-A to USB-C Cables
  • Storage Bag/Pouch

Customer Reviews

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Benjamin K.
Doesn't work as described

When plugged in to pi dock 400 with raspberry pi 400, raspberry pi 400 gives message saying low voltage. When plugged in to power while powering pi dock 400/pi 400, (pass through) the screen won't turn on for more than a second, raspberry pi 400 has green light on, so must be on but can't power both while plugged in.

This is not what vilros claimed, saying it works. I have updated the pi 400 with the newest raspberry pi OS, bullseye. Maybe they tested with legacy raspberry pi OS.

2 stars because while it gives a low voltage message, it still works at least while you aren't charging the power supply, and it does last 4 to 5 hours