Vilros Raspberry Pi 4/400 Compatible USB-C Power Supply With Switch [3 Amp]

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by Vilros

So you’ve got your Raspberry Pi 4 (or pi 400), but haven’t found the perfect power supply for it. If you're wondering where to buy usb c charger. Well, look no further! The Vilros raspberry power adapter USB-C 5.1V 3A Power Supply is UL listed and made just for the Raspberry Pi models you love so darn much!

If your battery is drained and you’ve got a power hungry device, the Vilros 3 amp USB-C Powered Wall Charger is perfect.

This raspberry pi 4 charger has a switch on the side to charge devices with usb c charging cables, or regular USB typecables. A great feature for those who have friends or family members with different technology gear. Secondly, it’s not just for travel as this usb c charger can plug right into the wall at home as well as in your office space giving you complete flexibility without having too many chargers lying around. Lastly but certainly not least, this product comes at a very reasonable price which may be more economical than what you are currently paying for a single adapter from another company!

This raspberry pi charger has an inline On/Off switch that will easily let you manage when to turn off the supply without unplugging it. What else? You get a 5Ft cable with this item, which means only one cord needs to be hooked up at all times in order to use your handy little raspberry pie.

With this on-off switch on the power cord, you can decide when your pi is powered up or down controlling charge speed.

Give your power-hungry Raspberry Pi 4 or Pi 400 the juice it needs buy raspberry pi power supply with Vilros’ 3 Amp USB C ports 5.1V power requirement Supply! This cable is UL-listed, a fast charge, and there's an inline on/off switch for even more use! No need to worry about powering up: USB type c charger combines both data and power over a single cable and comes in a generous measuring at 5Ft long.

Charger Specs:

USB-C 5.1V 3A Power Supply

Designed for the Raspberry Pi 4 AND pi 400

UL Listed

Inline On/Off Switch

5Ft Cable

Customer Reviews

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Frederick S.
Videos pi4 Power Supply

So far it works great, and I especially appreciate the power switch

Garrett W.
Totally exceeded my expectations.

Nice power supply works fine with my pi 4 and the added bonus of a really handy switch to turn it off and what's more it also turns it on! Awesome

William C.

thanks for replacing

Jack D.

Vilros Raspberry Pi 4/400 Compatible USB-C Power Supply With Switch [3 Amp]

Butch W.

It works great