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PiDOCK 400--Raspberry Pi 400 Compatible Dock & Display

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by Vilros

Important: Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard is NOT Included.

The PiDock 400 is the perfect laptop style dock with built in keyboard for your Raspberry Pi 400. The Pidock features an internal board that powers the built in display and the older, BCM Mouse connection from a raspberry pi to make it work like a full computer, including its own working mousepad!

It also comes with cables to connect to other external devices; such as input devices or output devices. This raspberry pi laptop kit Connected cables can be used for power-in [from outlets], RPI-Mouse [to cursor movement on monitor], HDMI distribution toward TV set (or other monitors), and USB-C Power Distribution Upstream toward multiple USB charging sources (on desk). This device will give you an edge toward building up any type of digital control

 You can also add a Powerbank package to power the Pidock on the go.

The PiDock 400 is a raspberry pi 400 personal computer kit Laptop Style Dock and Display created for a Raspberry Pi 400. The Pidock raspberry pi laptop case for the Pi 400 which features an internal board that powers the built in display and the Pi 400 keyboard.

It also makes the Power & HDMI connection from the monitor to the Pi 400 keyboard and features a built in mousepad that connects to the Pi400 Via a included easy to connect cable.

To set up the PiDock 400 you connect the included power supply to an outlet and you then use the included USB, USB-C & HDMI Cables to connect between the PiDock's built in HDMI, USB power out & Mousepad USB cable to the Pi 400 Keyboards HDMI, USB-C power in and USB input ports and you will be up and running.

The dock is designed in a way that makes it very easy to run the cables under the pi400 keyboard and into the ports.

This gives the Dock a neat setup with just 1 power supply running to an outlet

So, What is the Pi 400?

It's like a raspberry pi 4 laptop Featuring a quad-core 64-bit processor, 4GB of RAM, wireless networking, dual-display output, and 4K video playback, as well as a 40-pin GPIO header, Raspberry Pi 400 is a powerful, easy-to-use computer built into a neat and portable compact keyboard.

It’s a Raspberry Pi designed into a built into a compact keyboard.

Raspberry Pi 400 incorporates a purpose-built board based on Raspberry Pi 4. Featuring the same powerful processor, Raspberry Pi 400 has specially designed thermals to keep your rpi laptop like computer cool and silent while you’re hard at work.

The GPIO pins remain accessible, so if you want to explore beyond the desktop, you can connect components and prototype your projects. You can also use micro hdmi to hdmi, Microsd card slot, mouse power supply, mobile computing programs, micro hdmi ports, keyboard layouts, and much more with this complete personal computer built with raspberry pi os.


  • Slot to neatly hold a Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard (Not Included)
  • 13.3 Inch 1920x1080 Resolution Display
  • Built in Touchpad Mouse
  • 3.5 Audio output jack
  • Includes Carrying case for storage and travel
  • Included 5V DC 5.5 Power supply to power screen and Pi 00 



Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Very cheap, keyboard doesn't sit in the slot flush and teeters on the middle magnet. No room in the back for thick Ethernet cable. Does the job but really should have been $150

Sumer B.
Fantastic product!

Works perfectly for my needs! The added mobility and functionality is perfect, and eliminates the need to carry around a mobile lab! I recommend, but I wish it was made of a higher quality material, especially for the price!

William H.
Nice electronics, terrible plastic

The good:
The screen is *NICE* looking. It has that glossy reflective feel to it, rather than the more "matte" feel that you get on most laptops.
The mouse is very responsive and just the right size.

The bad:
The plastic feels a bit flimsily constructed, like a kid's homemade 3D printer project. The keyboard kindof "lays" in the slot, and the plastic pushes it up - like everything would fall out if you turned the laptop upside down while open.
The laptop converts the power to a round plug instead of USB-C, which is silly and ridiculous.
The included power brick is *NOT* 5V:3A - it's 12V:3A, which is important (pidock doesn't work with the recommended USB battery).
No brightness control for the monitor
Reaching the ports on the back of the Pi400 is a bit clunky - not impossible, but if it's not a straight cable, it won't work (you won't be able to plug your average USB drive directly in without an extension cable).

I'm disappointed with how much I paid for this and probably wouldn't have bought it knowing what I know now, but am also not so dissatisfied as to want to return it. It's usable - and again the screen is NICE, I just wish the plastic shell was constructed better.

Marjorie J.
I'm happy!

I am a 76 yr old with zero tech expertise [just experience and common sense] taking my first dip into Linux. I revolted at the idea of Windows 11 forcing me into a more expensive machine etc. so opted for Pi400. I have some vision issues, so when I got my Pi400, I wasted $250 on a large monitor to go with it, but the ergonomics have not panned out very well. I have always favored a laptop so that the screen is fairly close and hopefully offers a bright, clear image. I saw a YouTube video about Pi Dock and although they talked about the lack of certain features and felt it was overpriced, I still thought I might like it. I liked the fact that the Pi 400 just drops into the casing without assembly other than attaching the cords. I love it. The screen is great. I also like that the power cord has an on/off switch. The setup instructions were fairly clear, although I had to check my Pi400 instructions to make sure I connected cords correctly [html next to sd card, etc.] Otherwise, it worked right out of the box and I am enjoying using it.

The most beautiful Raspberry Pi Laptop in the world (March 2020)

There is very little information about this PiDock. Thus, I write this review to help other people make a better decision. I think it will be a long one. Most Raspberry Pi in a laptop form factor are ugly (too many cables) and expensive. I found 2 products that are similar. Those 2 are Pi-Top and PiDock. The price and screen size are about the same. You need to assemble the Pi-Top with a screwdriver. This PiDock is already pre-assembled. The Pi-Top doesn’t have a fan or heat sink. The PiDock has a big metal plate as a heat sink. Aesthetically, the PiDock looks more professional. Is the PiDock400 worth $240? Yes, it is expensive for a reason. This PiDock solves the missing audio output issue for the Pi400. This PiDock has no fan noise because it uses a big metal plate as a heat sink. This laptop setup looks beautiful because there is only one power supply cable hook to the PiDock. Most Raspberry Pi devices on YouTube have 6 cables. Let me break down the cost for this PiDock. Most non-touch 13.3" screen is about $140. That is left with $100 for the laptop shell, power supply, 3 short cables, 4 magnets, 3.5 mm jack input, tract pad, and some internal wiring. I think they did some engineering to split the audio and video from the HDMI input (I assumed all the wiring is hidden inside the PiDock). They also did some power supply engineering for the HDMI screen and Pi400 (again, I assumed all the wiring is hidden inside the PiDock). I think the HDMI screen and Pi 400 use different voltages. If we compare this laptop setup (PiDock ($240) and Pi400 keyboard ($70)) to a Chromebook, a Chromebook is a little bit cheaper and much more refined (a lot of bells and whistles). As a poor student, I think a Chromebook is less expensive and much more useful. Although this PiDock has a lot of shortcomings, I still buy and use this laptop setup (combo PiDock and Pi400 keyboard). Why? Everyday, I can insert a new sd card into the Pi400, and I can enjoy a new OS for that day. This PiDock hides all the cables. I can enjoy a clean table without any messy cables. (To save money, many people hook up the Pi400 to their own monitor. But they will look at all those messy cables everyday). After installing a new 64 bit Raspberry Pi OS, the performance is much better than the stock OS. Honestly, if the 64 bits Raspberry Pi OS is not available, it is highly likely that I will return both the PiDock and Pi400 because the 32 bits RPi OS is too slow. (There is a chance I still keep it because it is not the seller's fault that the stock Raspberry Pi OS runs slow. It will be a hassle and expensive for the seller to accept return products). Even though the PiDock is just a dock, I still think this Raspberry Pi Laptop setup (PiDock + Pi400) is the most beautiful Raspberry Pi Laptop in the world because the market does not have anything to beat this laptop setup in price and beauty. The big thing to remember is this laptop setup is not for consuming movies and music because the audio output is not very good. I think the audio output requires a DAC device to improve the sound quality. One more thing, before I bought this product, I thought typing on the Pi400 keyboard would be very unstable because the keyboard is just sitting on top of the PiDock. But, the PiDock has 4 magnets that hold the keyboard in place (I assumed that those 4 magnets attract to the big metal plate heat sink inside the Pi400 keyboard). It is very stable. I don't have any problem with typing. Compared to other Raspberry Pi Laptop setups, this PiDock-Pi400 setup is the most beautiful. Compared this PiDock-Pi400 to a Chromebook, this RPi Laptop setup is the ugliest in the world. LOL. I have been using this PiDock for 7 days already. So far so good. But, I have a feeling in 1 to 3 years, this PiDock will break apart. If you are looking for durability and aesthetic design, a Chromebook is much better. If I take a 12 volts portable battery and this PiDock-Pi400 laptop to school with me everyday, I have a feeling this PiDock will break apart very quickly. So, I will use this PiDock-Pi400 laptop on my desk only. Hopefully, it will last longer. I hope my review helps you. Thank you for reading this long review.