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Things to know about the Raspberry Pi CarPlay and its working in Tesla

Things to know about the Raspberry Pi CarPlay and its working in Tesla

Things to know about the Raspberry Pi CarPlay and its working in Tesla

Things to know about the Raspberry Pi CarPlay and its working in Tesla

Everyone likes smooth driving without having to look at their phones. Yes, we get it; it is not right to drink, drive, or even use your phone while driving. Still, we try to do it, and with the cars having CarPlay, for apple phones, it is easy. 


We must understand that we are a generation of people with busy work schedules who depend mostly on technology. Be it GPS, phone calls, or text; we really want everything to be at our fingertips.  


This is made possible due to the Apple CarPlay and Raspberry Pi. Yes, many car manufacturers are already offering support for CarPlay. One company still a bit stubborn about the idea is Tesla. 


Before you want to dive into the details, you must know the basics. We will surely discuss the CarPlay working in Tesla too. 


What is CarPlay?

The name suggests it just right as you want to keep your calls, messages, and GPS to be played right when you need it, even while driving. CarPlay makes it easy for you. It is an Apple protocol that allows you to use your iOS device while driving. You can run Siri, listen to music, receive and send texts, attend calls and even find your accurate location. 


Can CarPlay work in Telsa?

Recent news declares: YES! 


However, the solution is a third-party solution. As far as Tesla is concerned, they are not responding to any of the requests for now. Still, as long as you have the hack to work a CarPlay in Tesla, why not?


In this article, you are about to meet Tesla Android. 


Many Tesla drivers have requested CarPlay, but it wasn’t just happening in the Elon Musk machines. However, there is nothing impossible when you have geniuses all over. 


This time Micha Gapinski intervened to modify this by transforming the browser into an interactive Android tablet, granting drivers access to every Apple app.


How does the Tesla Android work?

Gapinski says he intends to work on enhancing the WiFi connection and eventually make the product accessible to the general public once it is solid enough.


Right now, as far as we know. The Raspberry Pi utilizes an LTE module to connect to the internet, and it uses its Wi-Fi chip to create a hotspot that the Tesla connects to and uses to transmit audio over Bluetooth. This required getting over some browser limitations, but it also offers the advantage of routing traffic through a Pi Hole and, if necessary, a VPN.


His customized configuration makes using Apple Maps and Apple Music in his car a breeze. The buttons on the steering wheel can also be used to manage CarPlay. 


They are working so hard on it because users often mention that they would prefer car manufacturers other than Tesla to benefit from the service's integration since other electric vehicles (such as some BMW models) accept Apple Music.


So, yes, we can hope for some more improvements too. 


What hardware is used to run CarPlay in Tesla?

As the developer is allowing everyone to have access to the making. We can surely try to figure out the hardware, and it's completely working too. Hardware you need for it includes:

  • Android-running Raspberry Pi 4 as it is the main Raspberry Pi.
  • Raspberry Pi 3 or a more recent version.
  • Raspberry Pi Geekworm HDMI-to-CSI adaptor board (for video capture).
  • Minimal tiny HDMI to regular HDMI cable (connects video to HDMI-to-CSI adapter board).
  • Basic Ethernet cable (connects the two Raspberry Pi boards).


How to install Raspberry Pi on CarPlay?

Most new car models come with Apple CarPlay already installed, but if you have an older car and want Apple CarPlay's accessibility, all you need to set it up is a $35 Raspberry Pi and a functional PC.


Users get a touchscreen interface with GPS tracking, WiFi connection, and Bluetooth audio/video playback when a Raspberry Pi is connected to Apple CarPlay.


You must first transfer Android to a Raspberry Pi model that is suitable. These are the choices you have to make:



What do you need to do to transfer to the Raspberry Pi on the Android?

Once you have all the necessary hardware, the in-car browser found in Tesla vehicles powers the actual CarPlay software experience. After using the browser to establish a connection with the Raspberry Pi, you load the CarPlay interface directly into Tesla's display.


The CarPlay experience works flawlessly, even running in the Tesla browser. Apps like Apple Music, Apple Maps, and Google Maps are available for CarPlay. To control playback and enjoy the full driving experience, utilize the steering wheel button.


You don’t have to panic. Just get through the detailed steps below to make it work:


  • Connect the PC or laptop to an SD card reader by inserting the microSD card.
  • Download KonstaKANG Lineage OS 16.0 using a web browser (Android 9).
  • Choose the image file after unzipping the downloaded folder.
  • Download Etcher from the online browser then launches the program.
  • To the microSD card, write the image file.
  • Remove the microSD card from the device and place it in the Raspberry Pi's slot.
  • Connect the Raspberry Pi using the Ethernet wire to the Tesla browser after installing the Android operating system.
  • The web interface can be controlled thanks to an instantaneous activation of the WiFi connection remotely.
  • Connect the HDMI cable to the Raspberry Pi to play audio and video.


The Raspberry Pi must now be connected to Apple CarPlay via your preferred dongle after being installed with Android.


So, does it mean you can make CarPlay work in any car? Well, if you know how to install Raspberry Pi on CarPlay?

Probably YES. 


However, as we discussed below that, many manufacturers are now giving CarPlay support. Well, you might also hold on to the hope that Apple might start launching their vehicles. 


You never know!


Can CarPlay and Android Auto Work Together on Raspberry Pi?

Yes, a Raspberry Pi can be configured to support both CarPlay and Android Auto. It does require a technical hand, but all you have to do is adhere to the guidelines below.


What you'll need is as follows:

  • Compatible Raspberry Pi device with 4G LTE
  • WiFi-accessed RasPi


Connect the Raspberry Pi to the infotainment center's in-car browser after setting it up with Android. Enjoy your choice of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. So, if you are unsure about the process, you can always find it through plenty of online videos. 



We understand that you want to run CarPlay in your car. Still, it is to get the answers to a few significant questions. Check out the FAQs below. Hopefully, they will help with more clarity about CarPlay and Raspberry Pi. 


  • Is special hardware necessary for CarPlay?

Therefore, hardware needs. Wireless Bluetooth, a Wi-Fi access point, and location information are required for CarPlay. CarPlay devices are found and reconnected using Bluetooth.


  • Is CarPlay software or hardware?

Hardware. The CarPlay interface offers the audio and display link to the car's infotainment system, even though the majority of the CarPlay software operates on the connected iPhone.


  • Does CarPlay utilize Bluetooth or WiFi?

CarPlay connects the phone and the vehicle through Bluetooth, but when it comes to the actual process, it switches to WiFi. CarPlay connects the phone and the vehicle through Bluetooth, but when it comes to actual operation, it switches to WiFi.



  • Does Android support CarPlay?

No, because Apple CarPlay was made to work with iPhone 5 or any newer model, it cannot be used with Android smartphones. The greatest alternative is Android Auto, which is compatible with your Android phone. It is indeed impossible to overstate the significance of CarPlay technology.


  • Does Apple CarPlay work without a USB port?

Don't worry if your vehicle does not support wired CarPlay or if you do not have a USB-A to Lightning connector on hand. Without a wire, you can install CarPlay by using the voice command capabilities of your vehicle. In comparison, the wireless or Bluetooth is turned on, press and hold the voice command button on the steering wheel.


Wrap up

Hopefully, we can see many other uses of Raspberry Pi in the future. Right now, it is safe to say that CarPlay has revolutionized driving, and Raspberry Pi is just offering unlimited support through its incomparable abilities. 


And this is not the end yet. Raspberry Pi is not simply useful for these projects. If you are feeling a bit experimental, go for it. Get your very own Raspberry kit or other products from Vilros now. We have an amazing range to serve the creative mind of a developer. Shop and get started. You might discover something similar too. 

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