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Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero W Network Wide Ad Blocking Kit

by Vilros
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Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero W Network Wide Ad Blocking Kit

The Pi Hole Ad Blocker with Pi zero w is a powerful network wide ad blocker. It is a comprehensive system that blocks ads, malware sites, phishing websites as well as unwanted content. It also includes features such as custom whitelists for website categories like shopping or entertainment. This is to help you focus on your favorite types of videos without being bothered by irrelevant advertising popups.

Imagine you have the power with pi hole setup pi zero w to block ad on your favorite show. Now they are protected from ever being interrupted by that pesky commercial.

Imagine the world where you never had to spend hours of your life sitting through annoying ads on Facebook. Say goodbye to those pesky pop-ups and prerolls that interrupt videos in YouTube, with pi hole's ad filtering capability. It doesn't stop there either you're not just limited by blocking out advertisements for individual sites or apps. The Pi hole can create custom filters as well!

The raspberry pi zero w is an amazing device which has a (relatively) low price tag, making it accessible even if money is tight! The greatest feature of this small computer board may be its ability. It can automatic block internet ads without any additional effort from yourself. When using Pi Hole software installed on your devices at home or work place. Imagine how much time we spend viewing ads.

It could be a game changer for those who are tired or frustrated with constant interruptions during their TV viewing experience.

The Pi hole on zero w is an ad blocking system made for the Zero W.

It was created because people were annoyed when watching their favorite shows and had continuous disruptions. The Pi-hole detects and then blocks any unwanted ads in real time before they take over what our screens display!

The raspberry pi zero w pi hole performance is the perfect tool to block ads on your home network. Now without any of those pesky side effects that you may experience with other ad blockers. Our kit includes a Raspberry Pi Zero W, power adapter and cable for easy set up!

Includes all the hardware you need to run a Raspberry Pi Powered Pi hole Ad Blocking System.

How to build Pi hole zero w? Installing Pi hole on pi zero w is easy. Use this guide for a pi hole setup raspberry pi zero w. The pi zero w and installing pi-hole is easy with this kit from Vilros!

1. Insert the MicroSD card into the Board

2. Install Pi Board into the case.

3.Connect the board to power

4. Connect the USB hub to the Pi zero W and connect the keyboard/mouse and Ethernet adapter to HUB and configure your router (can also connect wirelessly if desired)

5.Connect the Raspberry Pi Board to a Monitor for web interface to use the pi hole as the dns server determine whether you have a static ip address

5.Follow the instructions in the included booklet to create raspberry pi os Network Wide Ad Blocking System and run pi hole. (Enabling ssh for dns server is reccommended)

IMPORTANT: A Keyboard, Mouse & Monitor are required for initial setup.

This kit does NOT include a Keyboard, Mouse & Monitor

Kit Includes:

Raspberry Pi Zero W

Case (Choose case type and color)

Raspberry Pi Zero W Compatible Power Supply with Inline on/off switch

16GB SD card Preladed with NOOOBS

USB HUB with Ethernet Port

5 ft HDMI to MINI HDMI Cable 

5ft Ethenet Cable

Network Wide Ad Blocking With pi hole raspberry pi zero w Magpi Guide

Heatsink (Depending on the case selection kit, see kit image)

This kit is also Available for Raspberry Pi 4: Vilros Raspberry Pi 4 Pi hole Network Wide Ad Blocking Kit

 Already have the pieces and just need help knowing how to get started? Check out our Magpi Ad blocking system guide

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