Placeholder Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W MAX Kit

Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W MAX Kit

by Vilros

This MAX Kit from Vilros includes the Following Items:


Kits with ABS cases will also include a Heatsink 
Passive cooling Cases will NOT include a Heatsinks as the case contacts the chip and will not fit with an additional heatsink.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mark W.
Excellent Pi-hole kit

I'm running a couple of Pi computers (octoprint, NEMS) and wanted a lot to set up Pi-hole. This had everything I needed, was very easy to set up, and has been running great!

Roberto A.
Excellent kit.

This kit contains great quality products with an affordable price.
Excellent kit highly recommended for someone that begins with pi projects.

Freddy A.
Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W MAX Kit

A very good kit and the only thing I would add to the kit, it should include the passive cooling case instead of the plastic. Otherwise, an EXCELLENT and well priced kit for anyone getting started on pi projects like pihole, surveillance, etc.

Great starting point

As a novice to single board computers, I found this to be an excellent starter kit for those looking to get into Raspberry Pi. Came faster than expected. Good quality accessories and 3 case lids for however you wish to spec out your Pi.

Included heatsink wasn't quite enough for a 1.4ghz overclock, but after modding one of the case lids and adding a fan temps are perfectly fine. Has been an excellent experience and I would order from Vilros again.