Placeholder Vilros Raspberry Pi Reveal For Raspberry Pi 4 --A Raspberry Pi & SSD C

Vilros Raspberry Pi Reveal For Raspberry Pi 4 --A Raspberry Pi & SSD Compatible Cooling Desktop Style case

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by Vilros

NOT Compatible with raspberry pi 5


Vilros Raspberry Pi Reveal Desktop Tower Computer Case with Fan & RGB LEDs

Vilros Raspberry Pi Reveal--Metal Desktop Tower Computer Style Raspberry Pi  Case with Fan & RGB LEDs

This case will not just keep the debris out but lend your Raspberry Pi some flair, too!

Now protect your Raspberry Pi 3/4 without sacrificing style. Vilros Raspberry Pi Case offers an attractive design, built-in cooling, RGB LEDs, and an ABS-injected clear window through which you can take a peek inside at any time. The case has got a fully dedicated slot for 2.5 SSD, port cut-outs, and improved accessibility, turning it into a beautiful blend of style and function. Measuring at 5” deep x 4.75” H x 3.15” W, it will occupy little table real estate while providing maximum aesthetic value.

Highly Durable: Built to last, this enclosure uses aluminum alloy and ABS to create a transparent housing for your single-board computer & its peripherals.

Internal Tower Fan: Includes a low-noise internal tower fan that keeps the temps moderate to reduce lags, stutters, and frying of the internals.

Superior Ventilation: Cut-outs for ventilation are big enough for air circulation but small enough to block debris.

Easy Port Accessibility: The simplistic design enables easier port accessibility, keeping everything within reach.

Easy Assembly: Nobody likes to waste time trying to figure out assembly, which is why we have kept it simpler. It will be set up, ready to go in minutes, with minimal tools.


Does NOT include: Raspberry Pi Board, SSD, SATA Cable

Customer Reviews

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Shafeeque O.K.
Here is how I setup my SDR studio

This case is very simple to assemble, nice looking, keeps Pi cool!

here is how I setup my SDR studio using this case.


Great little case for any raspberry pi build. it was simple to assemble out of the box. And I love that you can add an ssd 2.5.

Steven F.
A classic designed case

The PI Reveal case is very attractive and easy to put together.