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Arduino Uno 3 Ultimate Starter Kit

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Arduino Uno 3 Ultimate Starter Kit

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Arduino Ultimate Starter Kit

This is the Arduino Ultimate Starter Kit. It has enough components to get you started making your own Arduino Projects.

This Arduino Ultimate Starter Kit includes a 72-page full-color Instruction Manual giving you a full introduction to Arduino programming as well as step by step tutorials on how to use each component in this kit.
The Arduino Ultimate Starter Kit is recommended for the beginner interested in learning the basics of Arduino programming as well as the expert in Programming. The kits have a value of $100 in components, that’s over 40% in savings!

Arduino Ultimate Starter Kit - Learn what Arduino is all about and how it is used

Once you’ve gone through the instruction guide and mastered the basics of each component go ahead and make your own project combining one or many components.

You will learn the basics of electrical circuits.

The manual will also explain what a breadboard is and how its used.

Arduino is based on C/C++ programming language so we will walk you through the basics to get you started.

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Customer Reviews

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Well packed and everything works great, got it in good time too.


The transistors supplied in this kit have a reverse polarity from what the instructions say for those projects. Other than that this is a nice kit for the Arduino.

John Z.
Didn’t come with a pn2222a transi...

Didn’t come with a pn2222a transistor like it said it would, but overall a nice kit


This is a very good project kit and we are using it to provide some remote electrical and programming training during the COVID-19 restrictions for our FRC team.


I bought the kit to introduce a 13-year-old to coding and basic electronics. The kit provided experiments that were easy to set up and modify. Very happy with the kit.
As an added bonus tech support was very prompt and accurate.