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Arducam Pivariety 16MP IMX298 Color Camera Module for RPi 4B, 3B+, 3A+, CM3/CM4

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Arducam Pivariety 16MP IMX298 Color Camera Module for RPi 4B, 3B+, 3A+, CM3/CM4


Production Description

Arducam Pivariety is a Raspberry Pi camera solution to take the advantage of using its hardware ISP functions. Using Arducam Pivariety camera modules, users can get better performance and a wider variety of camera, lens options. For a long time, Raspberry Pi users are limited to use the closed-source official supported camera driver and camera modules (V1/V2/HQ). Now Arducam made it possible to provide well-tuned ISP for Pivariety camera modules with Auto Exposure, Auto White Balance, Auto Gain Control, Lens Shading Correction, etc.

  • 16MP Sony IMX298 Exmor RS™ color sensor, up to 4640×3472@10.000 fps.
  • AEC, AWB.
  • Programmable focus control.
  • Gstreamer support.
  • Upcoming V4L2 support.
  • Compatible w/ all libcamera-based apps maintained by the RPi foundation.


  • Sensor Type: 16MP IMX298
  • Pixel Size: 1.12um x 1.12um
  • Optical Size: 1/2.8”
  • Active Pixels: 4656 H × 3496 V
  • Lens Spec: Focal length: 4.04mm, F.NO: 2.0±5%, FOV: horizontal 62deg
  • IR Sensitivity: Integral IR filter, visible light only
  • Focus Type: Motorized focus, programmable focus control
  • Frame Rate: 4640×3472@10 fps, 2320×1732@20 fps, 3264×2464@15 fps, 3840×2160@15 fps, 2592×1944@20 fps, 1920×1080@30 fps, 1280×800@45 fps, 1280×720@50 fps
  • Sensor Output Format: RAW10
  • ISP Output  Format: Output image format of JPG, YUV420, RAW, DNG; output video format of MJPEG, H.264
  • Interface Type: 2-Lane MIPI
  • Board Size: 40x40mm


  • UAV/Drones/FPV camera
  • Machine Vision 
  • Robotics
  • IoT
  • Face Recognition
  • Defect Detection

Package Contents

1 x Arducam 16MP IMX298 ISP Camera Module
1 x 150mm 22pin 1.0mm FPC cable
1 x 150mm 15pin 1.0mm to 22pin 0.5mm pitch FPC cable
1 x acrylic case kit with assembly accessories


Customer Reviews

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Can't install drivers on latest Pi kernel version!

I can't comment on the camera's quality or operation yet -- Arducam does not provide drivers for the latest Buster OS. The fine print instructions that came with the camera has this to say:
"NOTE: The kernel driver installation only supported by the latest version 5.10. . . . . Please check the kernel version, we only provide the driver for the latest official version image when this Pivariety camera released. You can follow Arducam Doc page to get the drivers for other kernel versions."
Apparently, the latest drivers I could find on Arducam's website was for 5.10.92-v8+. But my Pi is at 5.10.103-v7l+. When you try to run the installation, it will fail, saying it cannot find "./bin/5.10.103-v7l+/" directory and required files.
I also tried following the instructions found on the above-mentioned "Doc" page at the Arducam site. Aside from the painful Chinese broken English and trying to intrepret what it's saying, when I tried building my own driver, it began asking a ton of very technical questions regarding kernel settings, and I really had no idea what to do at that point. I'm a tech person, but it was WAY over my head, and I suspect over the heads of most purchasers of this camera. Arducam (or Vilros) needs to update the drivers for the very latest versions of Pi, and they should not require the user to risk mangling their systems attempting to build a new kernel.