Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero W Basic Starter Kit

by Vilros

 Vilros Basic Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi Zero W
(This kit includes the Original Pi Zero W, NOT the Pi Zero W 2)


The Basic Starter Kit from Vilros includes the Following Items:


Depending On case selection the kit may include a heatsink as well (check the main kit image of your selection to see if a heatsink is included) 


Customer Reviews

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Michael X.
A good product

It’s a good product and it’s almost the best you can find on the market, if you can’t find the board alone. For my application, I switched to Pi 4 later, still from this company. But this is really good if you don’t need more functions as I do

Great product at an ok price.

The shipping was fast The packaging was very well done. It is a perfect starter kit. I highly recommend it if you can find them in stock. It is very convenient that the power supply has an on and off switch so you don't have to unplug and replug that micro USB every time. I hope that the next version of the PI zero comes with USB-C.

William P.
RPi Zero W Starter Kit Review

Everything shipped as expected. I like the idea that I don't need to order separately the power cord and OTG cable. This is just what need in my new venture. I'll be ordering more hopefully soon

William C.
Nice, but.

It was nice to have all the accessories to make this function. Unf. (guessing due to chip shortage? to bump the price to make it more exclusive) you have to buy the whole kit rather than just buying the board because it's sold out. The clear plastic case just had posts the board sits on. I wouldn't say it snapped into the pins. The force of the cables easily moved the board off the posts, dislodging it from it's "snapped in" position. Wish there were screws to secure it to the bottom of the case. Maybe a buying error, but feedback for the case. I didn't need the case, could have 3D printed one. I didn't need a sack to store it in. I didn't need a camera mount. I had a RPi that I could have used the other HDMI and USB adapters for, so didn't need those. Just needed the board and the power supply. The power supply is nice, though. I like the integrated power switch. I bought this kit because it was the only way to get the board. Hope the chip shortage eases soon. Paid $45 for a kit when the board is listed for $10. The remainder of the kit isn't worth $35. Thanks for at least having stock available during this time. Won't ding too many stars, but it would have been nice to buy only what I needed at a lower price.


This thing works well, a little slow but works for what I needed