Placeholder Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero W MAX Kit

Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero W MAX Kit

by Vilros

Vilros MAX Kit for Raspberry Pi Zero W
(This kit includes the Pi Zero W NOT the Pi Zero W 2)


The MAX Kit from Vilros includes the Following Items:


Kits with ABS cases will also include a Heatsink 
Passive cooling Cases will NOT include a Heatsinks as the case contacts the chip and will not fit with an additional heatsink.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
David R.
Just what I wanted

Received two kits and had my 13 year old granddaughter build the first one for me. I plan on using it as a network print server since M******** won't allow desktop printers to be used on a network any longer. (BOO!) I'm still working on the software end but appreciate the loaded microSD card. I'm very satisfied (and looking forward to using one of them as a remote camera. I'll get there.)

Charles S.

Fast delivery! Vilros is the best! I have ordered several things from them and I am extremely satisfied! They have won me over! The products that I have received are of high quality.

William P.
RPi Zero W Max Kit Review

I received everything as ordered quickly. I am happy with the order. If I could just purchase the RPi Zero W alone I would be very happy.

Gregory S.
Pi-0-w-Max kit

I got both the pi zero and pi zero 1kits. I've been pleased with myself for splurging on the kits because when I needed some adapter I knew I didn't have, the kit saved the day.. The only gripe I have is the cases. Neither came with a solid bottom half, both have holes for the gpio pins, leaving my zero's a bit exposed. The biggest of the case disappointments is the mini HDMI spot. The included cable will NOT connect properly with the case on, at first I thought my hdmi plug onmy board was faulty but after trying it without the zero in the case, the connection was solid revealing the cases HDMI access hole as the problem.

Derek F.

Very happy with the Kit.
It provided all the parts I needed to make my project.