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60W Solder Iron with 5 Tips & Solder Wire

by Vilros

Stainless steel Soldering Iron with iron plated tip ensures stability and reliability.

Four ventilation holes on the iron keep the iron cool.

60W Adjustable Temperature with ON-OFF Switch.
You can easily adjust the temperature according to your needs by  turning the knob wheel on the iron.

60W ceramic core, Heats quickly  (approx. time to set heat is 2 min from when the iron is turned on)

Temp range: 200°C-450°C. 

Includes 5  Iron Tips for a variety of different basic soldering jobs.

Includes a 82%Sn, 18%Pb, 1mm Dia., 0.71oz Solder Wire

Non-slip soft rubber handle for maximum comfort and safe soldering.

Customer Reviews

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I have done soldering of electronic components since the mid 1960s. This soldering iron set is the best that I have seen for the price.

Having a temperature control and on/off switch make the iron ideal for a broad range of needs. Couple this with the broad range of tip diameters and you really need nothing more.