Placeholder 0.8 mm Lead Free Solder Wire –

0.8 mm Lead Free Solder Wire

by Vilros

Product Specs:

NET: 50G

Sn/CU: 99.3%/0.7%; 

Flux: 2.2%;

Diameter 0.8 mm/ 0.0315 inch

Lower Melting Point: 440.6F/227C

Product Description:

The 0.8 mm Lead Free Solder Wire from Vilros is the best lead-free solder wire. Electrical solder is made of tin, copper and flux. This particular type of solder wire combines the properties of its two predecessors by utilizing a core metal that is both lead free and has a 99.3% purity for electrical insulation.

Solder wire can be found in many forms: rigid or flexible ribbon (for hand soldering), sticks (for machine soldering), or preformed shapes called “solders” or "solder joints" which normally consist of one color emblazoned on a coiled steel wire designed for feed-through/solder pot applications.

The width size of this lead free solder wire makes it perfect for fine work such as stitching together high density circuit boards and making electrical connections where even small mistakes have large consequences due to the complexity so close to production costs. The benefits of lead-free solder as opposed to lead based solder is that lead-free solder joints are stronger, last longer and have reduced levels of both toxic chemicals (lead) and hazardous dust.

This is to be used with a soldering iron which can hold solder to a temperature that will melt the solder and make an electrical connection between two points in close proximity to each other.

The ideal outcome of this is a shiny joint that is mechanically strong and good shiny connection. The solder wire is easy to use, the aim of the process being to run it through a soldering iron in order to get it hot enough for the solder wire to melt, and create an electrical connection between two points; when sufficient flux cores has been applied this will flow into the gap joining the adjacent copper surfaces creating a very durable high quality contact that resists corrosion.


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