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10 Inch 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad-Great for Raspberry Pi

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by Vilros

10 Inch 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad-Great for Raspberry Pi

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Full size wireless keyboard with trackpad

The keys on this usb keyboard with trackpad are slim and perfect for typing. The keyboard trackpad combo is sensitive to both left-clicks and right-clicks, so you can be more efficient when browsing the internet or writing a paper. If you're looking for something even smaller keyboards than our full size keyboards, check out our mini version! 

This 'normal size' Chiclet slim wireless Keyboard with touchpad from Vilros is great if portability matters to you. While using your Raspberry Pi/BeagleBone as an everyday computer - not just as an accessory next time it's plugged in at home. With its portable design, easy set up with included instructions booklet, and online tutorials. We think that any Raspberry Pi enthusiast should have one of these keyboards stowed away along.

This sleek and modern keyboard's size and layout is good for any type of situation. The USB-A dongle allows the user to plug in a wire if they want, but it also has its own internal battery that can charge without needing an outlet!

This feature makes this one versatile as you are able to use your wireless keypad either with or without a cord attached. It's got a built-in rechargeable battery, media control, chiclet navigation keys feel, arrow keys, and function row. The USB wireless keyboard also includes Mac and Windows keys along with a touchpad.

This product brings convenience wherever you need it. It can simply connect from far away and work as if it were right next to you, and is so lightweight that it can fit into your backpack or pocket with ease. It's small enough for anyone who travels to take along - even when flying overseas.

It's the perfect extension of your wireless laptop or netbook for typing long emails, handling spreadsheets and other work tasks. It can also be a convenient mouse replacement. This device works on any Windows based systems, including tablets and all windows operating systems.

 The response time is just as good as the standard keyboard because it uses 2.4GHz wireless transmission. The only thing you need to connect either device together is an USB receiver that comes with purchase and plugs into your computer for easy connection at home or at the office, for example if you use multiple computers throughout the day this will make your life much easier when using many different computers, beaglebone, or Raspberry Pi.

The keyboard uses 2.4GHz wireless transmission that allows quick response times for typing, which means you will not have to deal with lag when using this product unlike other wireless products!

This is very important especially if you are in an intense gaming match online fighting it out for survival in Call of Duty or any other action packed game like dragons dogma and need to react quick in order for the survival to be yours! The track pad can also be used as a mouse replacement but you just need to push one button

You can even plug it in via USB cord and then leave it connected while using

The main feature that really separates this wireless keyboard from others like it is that there is a built-in trackpad allowing for easier navigation than a standard mouse would provide. With the addition of function buttons, macros can be programmed right into the device making the task of typing even simpler!

Compact and lightweight, the wireless keyboard boasts a full PC layout but in a small package with media control buttons such as play/pause and stop, plus it has multimedia keys. The wireless touchpad allows you to easily navigate your computer without needing a mouse. The keyboard is wireless with a 30 ft. range for your convenience, enabling you to move around as needed and even take it on the road!

With the compact size that's still comfortable to type on and features like built-in rechargeable batteries, this cordless keyboard is a great way for you to have everything you need right at your fingertips! 


  • SMALL DESKTOP SIZE: 10 inch size is great for use as a small desktop wireless keyboard and mouse pad all in one solution. for your Raspberry Pi or any other USB port enabled Linux, Windows and android Devices
  • WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: Wireless keyboard and trackpad combo connects to your device via a 2.4 GHz signal with a 30 foot (max) range. It is easy to connect to your Raspberry Pi or any other device with the included USB dongle that does NOT require any drivers/ not a bluetooth keyboards
  • KEYBOARD DIMENSIONS: (LWH)10.20 X 3.94 X 0.67 Inches
  • Requires 2 aaa Batteries (NOT INCLUDED)

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      Customer Reviews

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      Miles R.
      Perfect size for kids!

      It's perfect size for kids and those with smaller hands! This could also make a great 'remote' keyboard/trackpad combo for use with a TV.

      Some improvements could be an option to use wired-only (no dongle, no batteries), and add bluetooth to switch between multiple devices.

      Jake B.
      It works fine, but I wouldn't wan...

      It works fine, but I wouldn't want to use it for any serious typing or work. It works fine on the rasperry pi, and it's small/light enough to throw in your backpack without noticing the burden. Requires 2x AAA batteries!