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Vilros Magic Mirror V4-2 Way Mirror With Internal LCD Screen for Smart Mirrors Projects

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Vilros Magic Mirror V4-2 Way Mirror With Internal LCD Screen for Smart Mirrors Projects White

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The Vilros Magic Mirror v4 is a Glass Mirror in a Wood Frame with a high-quality LCD built in behind the mirror.

It features a magnetically sealed compartment on the back of the frame that can hold a Raspberry Pi (or any other motherboard you want to use) to easily make your Smart Mirror/ Magic Mirror project a reality.

Popular ways to build a smart mirror with a Raspberry Pi include: Magic Mirror and Dakboard and many other open source options.

Magic Mirror Project is a open source module with many simple online tutorials, and many open source ways to build a smart mirror electrical masterpiece yourself.
Dakboard is subscription-based service with many tiers that provides an easy platform to build a smart mirror.

Some Simple Projects are easy enough for a beginner to follow and some complex enough to interest the pros, so no matter who you are there is something just perfect for you to work on with this smart mirror project.

A smart mirror can be used as a bathroom mirror, or a reflective surface in any part of your home and office.

This hardware kits enables you to easily create a smart mirror with no need to focus on the hardware, and glass and instead just focus on the software and programming .



  • 2 Way Mirror for Smart Mirror Project with Internal 21.5 Inch-1920x1080 Pixel Ready to Connect LCD
  • Internal Monitor Viewable image area (diagonal) 54.61 cm (21.5 in) widescreen
    Panel active area (W x H) 47.60 x 26.70 cm (18.74 x 10.51 in)
  • Includes a 12.6V 3A DC POWER SUPPLY.
  • Internal 3A output USB Power Port to power Raspberry Pi (or any other motherboard)
  • Internal HDMI Input to connect to Raspberry Pi (or any other motherboard)
  • Includes USB-C and Micro USB Power connection cables to be able to power any model raspberry pi board or any other board that uses a micro-USB or USB-C power input
  • Includes Standard, Mini & Micro HDMI Cables enabling connectivity to all Raspberry Pi Devices or any other board that uses an HDMI video output.
  • 37% reflective and 63% transparent.

  • Product Dimensions: 21"x 13.10"x 2.10"
  • Product Weight (Power supply NOT included) 9.56Lbs
  • Cable Length 65 Inches 
  • Light transmittance :37%
  • reflectance : 63%.
  • Brightness: 500cd/m2


  1. This Product does NOT feature an audio speaker.
  2. To build a Raspberry Pi Powered Smart Mirror this product requires a Raspberry Pi Board, and SD card and (depending on setup method) a keyboard/mouse.
    These items are NOT included and need to be purchased separately.

Improving on the the Vilros Magic Mirror V3.0 The V4 Features:

  • New and improved LCD and Mirror for best visibility.
  • Control module to make the screen brighter/darker or change modes.
  • Magnetic Seal Compartment for easy to access/install.
  • Built in Sawtooth Mounting hooks with mounting screws and anchors included.


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