Raspberry Pi Invites You to Check Out the New 'Hello World' Podcast

Raspberry Pi Invites You to Check Out the New 'Hello World' Podcast

Raspberry Pi is inviting everyone to listen and subscribe to the new 'Hello World’ podcast!An extension of the well-loved ‘Hello Word’ magazine, this new podcast now brings the fun educational content you’ve come to expectfrom ‘Hello World’right to your earbuds.

TheHello World podcast is for educators interested in using digital making and computing in their teaching methods. It aims to explore the ins and outs of digital making andcomputingeducation.

As a regular listener, you’ll hear what’s most important and relevantstraight from the experts and educators. For example, you’ll be able to go in-depth with the educators and writers of Hello World magazine by listening to theirconversations and lectures. Every episode will featurecompellingexpertguests, and you’ll be able to listen to their stories and learn new things.


What You Can ExpectfromHello World Podcast Episodes

Every episode of the Hello World podcast will tackle differenttopicsincomputingeducation and featureexpertguests.These podcast episodes are designed to beinformativeandentertaining, allowingyou the listener to get to know the personality of the speakers in addition to their views.

Some of the first episodesinclude:

  • 'How moral is your machine? Ethics in computing education,' with Diane Dowling. She is the Isaac Computer Science Learning Manager,overseeingan online platform for both students and teachers on A-level Computer Science.
  • 'Why creativity and passion are essential in computing,' with Amanda Hughes. She is a faculty at CUE Rock Star and PBS Digital Innovator.
  • 'Practical tips on how to look after our well-being while teaching with technology,' withcomputingeducator Cat Lamin, and University of Hertfordshire'sseniorlecturer incomputingeducation, NeilRickus

'Looking into the droids being used to teach algorithms,' withcomputingeducatorsHuzaifahZainon and Nicki Cooper


From Magazine to Podcast Vilros

For a while now, subscribers ofHello World magazine have been reaching out cravingmore content. Simultaneously,thecomputingeducationcommunityhas continued to grow at an accelerating rate. Thenewpodcast aims toboth deliver more content andcater to the very activecurrentcommunity ofcomputingeducators. Hopefully,the podcast will also become aplatform to reachand connect evenmorecomputingeducation professionals worldwide.

Hello World magazine was started in 2017 by Raspberry Pi Foundation as a publication for educators by educators. It is issued three times a year, and subscribers can get it throughaCreative Commons PDF download. AtHello Worldmagazine, educators can find inspiration and share theirteachingexperiences and best practices.Through the years, it has nowbecome popular around the world in 172 countries.


Check Out the ‘Hello World’ Podcast Today!

Subscribers can listen to theHello World podcast throughmajor podcast providers includingSpotify, GooglePodcasts, Amazon Music, and Podcast Addict. Thisshowis a portable and convenient way to learn new information even when you’re on the go. The episodes allow for multitasking and even cater to individuals who are aural and audiovisual learners.

In addition, you can get involved with the ‘Hello World’ podcast community. You can share computing tips and best teaching practices, connecting with other educators around the world and learning from them too. If you have useful, interesting tips to share, someday youtoomight even be featuredas a guest!

Have you checked out the ‘Hello World podcast? We’d love to hear your thoughts, especially about the kinds of conversations that you’d be most excited to hear.

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