Raspberry Pi 400 is Featured in Popular TV and YouTube Shows

Raspberry Pi 400 is Featured in Popular TV and YouTube Shows

Raspberry Pi 400 is turning heads!Recently, it has beenfeatured in different television shows, unboxing videos, tech shows, and online reviews. We love these videos! It’s a reminder ofhow versatile this device is, and we’d like to sharesome of our favoritevideos with you.

Raspberry Pi 400packs all the power of apersonal computer into a slim, compact keyboard – it’sthe PC of the future! Itmay besmall in size, butit’sbig on features includinga 4 GB random access memory (RAM), a 64-bit processor, 4K video playback feature, a dual display output, and a 40-pin GPIO header. It runs on the Raspberry Pi operating system. Andbest of all,it’s very affordable.

If you want more proof of how amazing it can be to have and use Raspberry pi 400, check out these 4 videos:


Raspberry Pi 400 transforms into a cyberdeck.

One of the coolest videoswe’ve seenon Raspberry Pi 400was the one done byZack Freedman. In his YouTube channel, he showed how he amped up the Raspberry keyboard and turned it into a portable cyberdeck. He calls it theVoidstar Data Blaster, and he built it for the cool factor.

According to Freedman, the Raspberry Pi is the perfect size for a cyberdeck because it is slim. All the ports align on one side, so it is easier to manage the cables. He placed chunky handles and a wearable display, making this Raspberry Pi look likesomething brand-new from a cyberpunk future.


Featured in Channel 5’s The Gadget Show and tested for retro gaming. Vilros

Jordan Erica Webber, podcaster and resident gaming expert inThe Gadget Show, put the Raspberry Pi 400 to the test with retro gaming.

Webber used it to playMorphcatBobl, and it worked like a charm.Forthat, Raspberry Pi gother seal of approval.She believesit’s an excellent gadget for those who love classic retro games.


Unboxing of the newly launched Raspberry Pi 400 by Caroline Dunn. 

In line with the product launch of Raspberry Pi 400, techinfluencerCaroline Dunncreated an unboxing video highlighting the best features of the product.

The box included a mouse, power supply, an SD card loaded with the Raspberry Pi OS, and micro-HD

cables. She demonstrated how easy it is to plug, install and update you Pi. Dunn recommends the Raspberry Pi 400 for beginners and advanced users because it does have a 64-bit processor. It is powerful but easy to use.


Turning the Raspberry Pi into the classic Amiga

Broadcaster and video producer Dan Wood is a confessed Raspberry Pi addict. He’salwaysbeenone of the firstin line to buyevery time a new modelcomes tomarket. He also loves retro gaming and retro computing. So, when he got a hold of the Raspberry Pi 400, he put it to the test and used it on Amiga games.

In hisYouTube video, Dan demonstrated how to play Amiga games usingaRaspberry Pi 400. Hedeterminedit could run just about any classic Amiga software without any glitches. We love how he turned it into the ultimate Amiga emulation machine!


More Raspberry Pi400Sightings?

Have you seen Raspberry Pi 400 pop up on any of your favorite shows...maybe even on your own YouTube Channel? If so, be sure to let us know!

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