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Get Arduino Certified!

Get Arduino Certified!

Get Arduino Certified!


Want to prove you know Arduino? You can get an official certification for your skills with Arduino by passing the Arduino Fundamentals exam.

As the world becomes ever more digitally sophisticated, it can be useful to demonstrate to future employers that, indeed, you are knowledgeable and capable when it comes to Arduino. By passing the Arduino Fundamentals exam, you’ll be provided with an official certificate from Arduino testifying to your knowledge of Arduino programming, electronics and physical computing.


About the Arduino Fundamentals Exam

The Arduino Fundamentals exam is an online test consisting of 36 questions. You get 75 minutes to complete the exam and need a score of 70% or higher to pass.

You want to make sure you’ll have a stable internet connection during the test. Arduino also recommends that you may want paper, a writing utensil, a calculator, your Arduino project book, and/or your Arduino board on hand during the exam.

You will be tested on your knowledge of the following subjects:

  • Arduino IDE

  • Programming Logic

  • Programming Syntax & Semantics

  • Arduino Boards

  • Electronic Components

  • Electricity

  • Reading Schematics & Circuits

  • Frequency & Duty Cycle

You can learn more about the tested subjects by downloading the official Arduino exam  guide.

As soon as you submit your exam, you will receive immediate notification whether you’ve passed or failed. Note: you only get one attempt to pass the exam; however, if you fail you can purchase another attempt.

Once you pass, you get rewarded with an official Arduino Fundamentals certificate!


Show You Know the Arduino Starter Kit

The Arduino Fundamentals exam is based on the concepts, skills, and components that come with the  Arduino Starter Kit.

The Kit, with its project book and included components, gives a total beginner everything that’s needed to become hands-on proficient in Arduino coding and electronics, so it’s used as the basis for the Fundamentals certification exam.

While it’s not mandatory to have or use the Starter Kit in order to pass the exam, it is a resource that’s recommended by Arduino.



How to Prepare for the Exam 

Arduino does not require any prerequisites before taking the exam. However, they stress that the knowledge and skill-level that’s tested in the exam does closely match the content of the Arduino Starter Kit, so that’s an ideal place to begin.

Arduino recommends going through the projects book that’s included with the Starter Kit and building those projects to prepare for the exam.

Once you purchase the exam and gain access, you’ll be able to take the exam right away or wait and prepare. There is a 1-year expiration date once you purchase the exam.

If you should happen to fail, you will receive feedback about your performance on the different topics the exam covers. Hopefully this information will help you prepare better for a future attempt.

If you’d like to see what the exam is like, check out the exam  demo!


Ready to Get Arduino Certified?

If you’re now ready to get Arduino Certified, click here to get started.

(Note: the exam is available in English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Simplified Chinese. The current cost is $30 USD + applicable taxes.)

All of us here at Vilros wish you the very best as your journey of Arduino mastery evolves!

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