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Cool New Add-Ons for the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera

Cool New Add-Ons for the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera

Cool New Add-Ons for the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera


You may have seen the announcement several months ago that Raspberry Pi released a new High Quality Camera, with 12.3 megapixels of sharp quality to be exact and approximately 50% greater sensitivity for low-light performance. The camera is also noteworthy for its compatibility with interchangeable lenses in both C- and CS-mount form.

The High Quality Camera has proven to be a big hit with users, making possible high-level technical, artistic, and industrial projects. With this camera, you can even create a security device, which requires top levels of visual fidelity.

In addition to creating new projects with the camera, Raspberry Pi users have also started developing new add-ons for the camera to extend the range of possible applications and uses. If you’re interested and intrigued by 3D printing, you might want to check out some of these new add-ons and applications yourself.


Adapters for Nikon and Canon Lenses

Straight out of the box, the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera comes ready to connect with C- and CS-mount lenses – but those don’t have to be the only size options from which to choose. Instead, check out how to 3D print C- and CS-mount adapters to fit your own needs and purposes.

For example, UltiArjan on Thingiverse created an adapter to use the camera and C-mount with Nikon lenses. According to UltiArjan, it was necessary to use a -0,1 horizontal expansion on the Ultimaker2 printer in order to get the right fit, but different 3D printers might need additional correction.

If you’re a Canon brand user, you might be interested in this adapter for Canon EF lenses from Zimbo1 on Thingiverse. According to Zimbo1, it was best to use a macro spacer to get a strong connection to the lens. Also, if you can’t print the threads, try gluing the F to the FS mount (which comes included with HQ sensor).



Adafruit Retro Camera Case

Another need you probably have for your Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera is a camera case. The Ruiz Brothers at AdaFruit designed a cool retro-style camera case that might remind you of the leather used for SLR’s back in the 80’s.

Best of all, this design comes with snap-fit parts so you can easily make modifications and customizations to the case to suit your preferences and needs. With all the ports accessible, you can easily connect to a keyboard, mouse, display or other device.

According to AdaFruit, “the parts can be 3d printed without any support material using PLA” – and it can be completed in only about 20 minutes!


A Minimal Adapter

Maybe you don’t need a full camera case, but just a way to quickly and easily attach the camera to another mount or device. If so, you might take inspiration from ed7coyne on Thingiverse who mounted a Raspberry Pi Zero on the back of the camera to support it on a tripod.

If you’re interested you could copy or modify the design (note: you may need to modify the hole-slop variable).


A Primer in 3D Printing

Now, what if you don’t have much experience in 3D printing?

No worries. Just check out this video that the team at Raspberry Pi made for HackSpace magazine. In just about two minutes, you can learn about options for selecting infill patterns and why you should choose one over the other.

Or, for a complete beginner tutorial on 3D printing, check out this Ultimate Beginner’s Guide video series.

And for more inspiration for your projects using Raspberry Pi and Arduino, don’t forget to check out more updates here on our Vilros blog!

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