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Introducing the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W | Vilros

Introducing the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W | Vilros

Introducing the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W | Vilros

The next generation of the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W is here! This powerful mini computer packs a lot into one small package built around a Raspberry Pi-designed System-in-Package, that includes both processor & graphics chip from Broadcom BCM2710A1 die used on  the third generation model B+, as well as 512MB ofRAM! 

The Cortex A53 Quad Core CPU 1GHz frequency leads all other ARM based boards while offering increased performance over Single Board Computers (SBCs). For storage there's onboard LPDDR2 DRAM - capable enough to handle 1080p video playback or 12hr long gaming sessions without lag which means you can. It features an incredible 1GHz quad-core processor, VideoCore IV GPU, 512MB LPDDR2 DRAM and more. The Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W is footprint-compatible with earlier members of the Zero family as well. Pi 3.


This is a mini PC that can fit in your pocket. The Raspberry Pi Zero W is the smallest member of the Pi family yet!

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W is a super-small, hackable, and ultra-low-cost computer board that adds WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. This latest addition to the Raspberry Pi family is ideal for making embedded Internet of Things (IoT) projects as it comes with full wireless internet connectivity. It is not only capable of connecting wirelessly but also outfitted for monitor mode with special dongles via USB port at the back panel.

The Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Board measures just 65mm x 30mm x 5mm making it even smaller than a stick of credit card! It is built with 1GHz quad-core, 64-bit RAM Cortex-A53 CPU. The board offers standard Pi terminal connector along with mini HDMI and USB ports like any other Raspberry Pi. There's also a CSI (Camera Serial Interface) port to connect Raspberry Pi camera, DSI display port for connecting small screens and Micro-SD card slot for expandable storage.

This Wireless versions come with WiFi & Bluetooth on board while the non-wireless version of the Pi Zero requires dongles for adding either option.

Pi Zero 2 W loses the analogue and composite video output but adds microUSB socket which was absent in its predecessor! A microUSB cable can be used to power up or charge the device as well as transfer data if you need so! ItHz ARM. It does not come with a RAM, built-in wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Pi Zero 2 W's minimalist design and small footprint make it perfect for projects that require low power draw and dedication to embedded computing. The board is powered by the Broadcom BCM2835 SoC which incorporates VideoCore IV GPU capable of 1080p at 60fps video playback in H.264 & OpenGL ES 2.0 formats. The HDMI port allows you to output the video directly from the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W via a standard miniHDMI cable or adaptor if required so! Another reason why people prefer this product over its competitor is the price!

In short, all in one solution for your next project idea in a tiny sized computer! I

We can see Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W being used in most cases for projects but having the power of the Pi 3 in a smaller model is jsut amazing! So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and get this small yet powerful mini computer to power up your next project idea without worrying about space or power consumption. It's priced at just $15 which makes it affordable too so you should not think twice before buying one of these for yourselves! If you want everything all in one place check out these amazing kits from Vilros.


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