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What is the Full Capacity of my SD Card? |

What is the Full Capacity of my SD Card?

What is the Full Capacity of my SD Card?

Any SD card sold by vilros is 100% guaranteed to be of the capacity stated on the card.

In some cases, preloaded SD card may appear to be of smaller then stated capacity when read via a windows or other PC system.
The reason a card may show a smaller capacity is due to partitions that are placed on the card when the software is flashed onto the card.

When Raspberry Pi OS (or sometimes other software) is loaded onto an SD card, it creates partitions that are only visible by the Linux OS on the card, therefore the card will appear to have a small capacity on a standard-windows system.
SD Card Partitioning means that the software splits the SD card in compartments and what you see on the non-linux system is only 1 partition of many partitions on the card.
Even when formatted via a standard PC the partitions may stay place, unless it is formatted in a specific way that will remove the partitions.

The best way to check the capacity of the Raspberry P OS  loaded card (while the card  is running a raspberry pi board) is to go the raspian terminal and enter:
df -Bm
This will show the actual storage capacity of the card.

If you would like to format the card and see the full capacity of the card on a windows computer you can do so by following the steps below:

1. Download and install the raspberry pi imager software which can be found at:
2. Run the program and install the card into the PC.
3. Select the board you are using and under the software selection select: Erase

After Running this erase , you should see the full capacity of the card on windows (or any other system)  as well.

If after running this your card still does not show the actual capacity the please reach out to us at so that we can investigate and replace the card if needed.