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Introduction to Different Raspberry Pi Kits |

Intro to Different Raspberry Pi Kits

Intro to Different Raspberry Pi Kits

  • Basic Starter Kit
  • Complete Starter Kit
  • Media Center Kit
  • Ultimate Kit  
  • Specialty Retropie Kit 

Basic Starter Kit

Our Raspberry Pi Starter Kit gives you a black/clear enclosure case, a 2500 mA micro USB power supply with a five-foot cable, and two heat sinks, as well as a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

If you have an SD card and HDMI cable this is the most cost effective way to play with the Pi. It’s also a great kit if you’re looking to upgrade to the latest model, or add to your collection.

If you want a kit that gives you everything you need to plug and play, our Complete Kit is the one to choose.

Whether you’re a complete novice, or a seasoned pro, if you’re after a basic set up to play with the Raspberry Pi, – this is the kit for you.

Complete Starter Kit

The Raspberry Pi Complete Starter Kit gives you everything you need to explore, program and experiment with your Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. It includes an enclosure case,  16/32GB SD card, power supply connection and a HDMI cable.

Just pop it in the black/clear case, insert the SD card, plug in the power supply, connect the HDMI to your monitor and turn it on. Using the preloaded NOOBS operating system, you will see a range of familiar program icons and a drop down menu, which lists the available software.

This kit gives you pretty much everything you need to get going with your Raspberry Pi, just make sure you have a spare monitor and keyboard. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro – the complete kit opens the doors to a world of fascinating Raspberry Pi projects.

Media Center Kit

If you’re eager to use your Raspberry Pi 3 Model B in one of the many media-based projects out there, this is the kit for you.

Our Raspberry Pi Media Center Kit contains specialist hardware, including a black-rubberized enclosure case that features a mounting slot and fittings for a separate Raspberry Pi Camera Module (not included in this kit).

The micro-SD card is preloaded with the NOOBS operating system, which will allow you to easily install the OSMC software needed for your Media Center. You’ll also get a Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Quick Start Guide to get you using your Pi as quickly as possible.

An SD card adapter, micro USB power supply with a 5-foot long cable, high-quality HDMI Cable and set of two heat sinks are also included.

Ultimate Kit

If you want to dive straight into some seriously amazing Raspberry Pi projects, this kit has everything you need.

The Raspberry Pi Ultimate Kit includes a 32GB microSD card pre-loaded with NOOBS and clear enclosure case as standard. It also features a range of electronics components if want to mod your Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, including two packs of resistors, two big buttons, yellow and red LED packs and a selection of male-male and male-female jumper wires.

This is a fully customizable kit for beginners and pros alike. If you have a little more experience of micro computers like the Raspberry Pi, or you’re ready to understand the inner workings of these versatile machines, this is a great kit to get your teeth into electronics programming and robotics.

The only limit is your imagination. From gaming to making a smartphone or creating a holographic Deathstar, there are dozens of projects to turn this kit to. Check out our 25 favorite Pi projects here!

Specialty Retropie Kit

Do you long for arcade games and retro consoles? The Retropie Kit is the perfect choice for gaming enthusiasts to transform your Raspberry Pi into the ultimate retro console.

The Specialty Retropie Kit (including a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B) includes 1/2 Buffalo Classic USB controller(s) and a 32GB microSD card preloaded with the specialist RETROPIE software. It couldn’t be simpler to plug, play and get your DIY gaming system up and running.

The kit also includes a clear enclosure case, SD card adapter, micro USB Power Supply (with a five-foot cable), high-quality HDMI cable (with five-foot cable) and a set of two heatsinks.