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Mini 2.4 G Wireless Keyboard With Touch Pad with Internal Battery

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by Vilros

Mini 2.4 G Wireless Keyboard With Touch Pad with Internal Battery

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2.4G Wireless Keyboard Raspberry Pi

Mini Handheld Keyboard with Touchpad.

Includes Internal rechargeable Battery and cable to recharge

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Todd V.
Lots of functionality, but very sensitive.

This piece has a lot of functionality, but the touchpad is so sensitive that I'm constantly going back or somewhere I don't mean to go. The buttons are nice and take a nice pressure to click, but there are three buttons below the touchpad, on the bottom of the piece, that are hard to avoid pushing with your thumb.

Austin B.
Works like the original Rii Mini from 11 years ago

I bought one of these keyboards years ago, and it worked great! We used it for our media player for years and never really had a problem. Sadly it was lost, so i began my quest to purchase a replacement. I purchased four from Amazon, and one directly from Rii. They all appeard to be knockoffs with very short range and random clicking of the mouse and glitching the pointer all over the screen. This remote is very different. The range is great, the mouse pointer is pretty accurate and it just works. The keys and switches feel substantial, much like the original Rii. The keys on the knockoff keyboards always felt mushy and cheap to me. I like the new left mouse button on this keyboard, but the new page up and down buttons are placed poorly. You end up clicking page up or down while operating the mouse pad. I wish the led lights were red like the original Rii, the blue is very painful on the eyes in the dark. Overall I am pleased with this keyboard offered by Vilros, and it is cheaper than other sites as well. I will definitely be recommending these to my friends.


I love this keyboard. I works flawlessly with Raspberry Pis, has a convenient place to stow the USB dongle, and the trackpad speed and sensitivity are just right. It's a little more expensive than the Rii keyboards I used previously, but the latest version of the Rii is cheaply built and has jittery action on the trackpad that makes it impossible to place the cursor. Not the case with these from Vilros. You can easily use a text editor with any problems with this keyboard.


Great quality! Much better then adafurit! Love you guys l! Jersey power!


It is good and better than the other ones that I have tried to use for Raspberry Pi.