Vilros Retro Gaming USB Classic Controller Sets

Vilros Retro Gaming USB Classic Controller Sets

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  • Play Any Kind of Retro Game with this Dynamic Classic Style USB Controller Set
  • SNES Style Controller
  • NES Style Controller
  • PS2 Controller
  • N64 Controller
  • SEGA Genesis Syle Controller
  • Standard USB Connection Works Great With Windows, MAC & Raspberry Pi
  • Controllers have 5 Ft Cables
  • Fully Covered by the Vilros 1 Year Manufacture Warranty

Product description

Vilros Retro Gaming USB Classic Controller Set of 5

Vilros has put together the most popular retro gaming controllers for Retro Gaming. Each controller connects to the USB port and is perfect for RetroPie, PC, HyperSpin, MAME, NeoGeo FBA Emulator, Raspberry Pi Gamepad

5 Pack Includes:
1x Nintendo (NES), Controller
1x Super Nintendo (SNES)
1x Sega Genesis
1x Nintendo 64 (N64)
1x Playstation 2 (PS2)


10 Pack Includes:
2x Nintendo (NES), Controller
2x Super Nintendo (SNES)
2x Sega Genesis
2x Nintendo 64 (N64)
2x Playstation 2 (PS2)

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