Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Complete Starter Kit

by Vilros

The Complete Starter Kit from Vilros includes the Following Items:


Kits with ABS cases will also include a Heatsink 
Passive cooling Cases will NOT include a Heatsinks as the case contacts the chip and will not fit with an additional heatsink.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very good, minor scare

Upon first boot from included OS, no wifi card even existed. Thought pi was faulty. Double checked all physical components, no visible damage. Ended up formatting the included SD card and using a completely different OS. New OS found wifi without issue. So plan to use a different OS other than what's included and it's a great pi.

Nathaniel M.

The kit came exactly as described and all parts worked. Installed a newer version of OS on the SD care instead of using theirs since I normally add some custom settings as part of setup. Everything worked and everything listed on the package was present. Working just fine as a backup pi-hole. I haven't bought a pi zero before so I can't compare this to an original version but speed wise seems close to a 3 B+, maybe a tad slower. But works just fine for small applications. I do like the smaller form factor on these zero models for certain things more than the original pi's and will likely be ordering more in the future.

Donald K.
love these boards!!!

this is my 4th Raspberry Pi board, love the speed improvements over the original Pi 0 W. Had to download newer version of OS, the included noobs card did not recognize the on-board WiFi or bluetooth. Otherwise very happy