Placeholder Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Complete Starter Kit

Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Complete Starter Kit

by Vilros

The Complete Starter Kit from Vilros includes the Following Items:


Kits with ABS cases will also include a Heatsink 
Passive cooling Cases will NOT include a Heatsinks as the case contacts the chip and will not fit with an additional heatsink.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rob G.
Good kit, good service from Vilros

The kit arrived overnight even though I had not requested express shipping. Everything worked except some problems with connecting a monitor. Vilros tech support quickly helped me determine that the issue was with the monitor and not with the items in the kit. And, it's amazing what this tiny computer can do.

Harry B.
Overall complete kit.

The kit contained almost everything I expected. I wanted the aluminum alloy case, but the website only allowed abs v1 or v2. I contacted customer support prior to ordering and they said it was a website issue but if I ordered abs v2, it would come with the aluminum alloy case. It arrives with plastic case however.

sweet, except

everything works as well or better than i expected. except, video don't work when it's in the case. Doesn't connect properly.

Jesse D.
Great setup

Amazing piece of small technology with a good set of accessories.

Very good, minor scare

Upon first boot from included OS, no wifi card even existed. Thought pi was faulty. Double checked all physical components, no visible damage. Ended up formatting the included SD card and using a completely different OS. New OS found wifi without issue. So plan to use a different OS other than what's included and it's a great pi.