Placeholder Vilros Keyboard and Touchpad Hub for Raspberry Pi-Creates Raspberry Pi

Vilros Keyboard and Touchpad Hub for Raspberry Pi-Creates Raspberry Pi Single Unit Desktop

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by Vilros

Vilros Keyboard and Touchpad Hub for Raspberry Pi-Creates Raspberry Pi Single Unit Desktop

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Does NOT Include Raspberry Pi Board
  • Features Sleek 15 Inch Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad
  • Keyboard holds a Raspberry Pi Board within the Case
  • Compartment that holds the Pi Board Includes a preinstalled fan that can easily be connected to the Pi
  • Features Compartment that can hold the HDMI cable within the Case
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (NOT included)

Customer Reviews

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It looks nice and works well. Most Pi boards fit it.

Mark G.
awesome like the folks at vilros...

awesome like the folks at vilros


I like the Commodore 64 retro look of this case, but there are many flaws. It is basically the same as Vilros Wireless Keyboard/trackpad product "attached" to a larger box. Literally attached. The trap doors are not very convenient and are hard to open, but it looks great with the Pi3 or Pi4 inside without taking much space. The trapdoor to remove the Pi could also be easier to access, there are too many screws - in 2020 there are many other ways of doing it without any screws. But ok, overall, I love it. Would be nice to see a white/beige version of it :)

Pedro P.
It is a case built around an exis...

It is a case built around an existing keyboard/trackpad combo. I wanted to build a retro emulation computer, so for this use it's good, but the product description could be much more accurate. It doesn't even clarify the Pi versions that are compatible (3B+). If you want a case that looks like retro computers this will do, but it's nothing you'd be proud of later


I've been looking for something like this for a while and I really want to like this product, but the most I can give it is 3 stars.

It's not entirely clear from the pictures but this is essentially a wireless keyboard glued to a plastic case.
There is not integration between the 2 -- the RPi will need the wireless dongle from the keyboard and the keyboard draws power from 2 AAA batteries instead of from RPi headers directly. Similarly you have to pop a small cap and reach into the innards to turn the keyboard on or off as needed.

The keyboard itself is of average quality. They keys work ok with me but the touchpad is a bit wonky, sometimes too sensitive, sometimes not enough, making things like drag/drop hard to control. Tap-to-click is enabled by default and be advised that vanilla Raspbian doesn't provide an easy way to disable it.

Build quality is ok, ergonomics are so-so, the case bezel gets a bit in the way of the touchpad and makes it hard to figure out if you're clicking the mouse buttons or hitting the case itself.

The small fan I got was DOA and not preinstalled (instructions are to shove it into place, no mount to speak of) but I wasn't planning on using it anyway.

Allowing the keyboard to draw power from the RPi (it works on 3V, I supposed you could just provide connectors to stick to 3.3V pins on the Pi) and providing room to mount a USB batter pack inside the case would make this a much better product even with the keyboard/touchpad limitations I've described.