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Vilros Broken out Breadboard for Raspberry Pi

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Vilros Broken out Breadboard for Raspberry Pi 400 Hole

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Do you want to build a project but don't have the time?

Act as master of your electronics domain and make all the cool Raspberry Pi projects you want! With this board, there is no need for wires or soldering. It's pretty easy simply connect your Raspberry Pi using ribbon cables and it will snap into place with ease!

Stop spending hours trying to figure out how to set up a breadboard, just pop into this one and get cracking. The easy solderless Raspberry Pi breadboard breakout pin connections are labeled plainly. so that even if you're not an expert in programming, coding won't be hard when inspiration strikes!

This breadboard includes: 40 pins with two rows of 20 pins each that can be used as GPIO ports, UART serial ports, I2C bus ports, SPI bus ports, digital input/outputs (DIO), analog inputs (ADC), or general purpose inputs/outputs (GPIO), 3.3 volts. You'll never get lost in your projects.

Here at Vilros, we know how frustrating it can be to try and wire up Raspberry pi breadboard works. This is useful for when you don't have the skills or the room . Which is why we created a fully open breakout board solderless breadboard just for Raspberry Pi! 

With our Broken out raspberry pi gpio Breadboard including 40 pin GPIO cable, you'll never have a wiring confusion again. Pin number and function are clearly printed on the board making coding easy no matter what your skill level is. Best part is that with our clear instructions, this project won't feel too daunting. Isn't time the most valuable component of your life?

You can use this raspberry pi breadboard tutorial for the Raspberry Pi GPIO ground pins connections without soldering. This is very useful if you are prototyping or testing circuits and must be able to disconnect the cables often. Breadboards provide an interface between electrical components. So that you don't have to solder them together and can change them at will; this way.

Electronic circuits created in a breakout breadboard can be reused over and over again for different applications. The can also be upgraded once they've been proved working as intended.

How to connect a raspberry pi to breadboard? How to use a breadboard with Raspberry pi? first the Raspberry PI is connected to the Raspberry Pi 4 Breadboard with the ribbon cable. Then the Raspberry PI GPIO pins should be connected to the holes in the size breadboard.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great Small Board

It is a great little board to test your program modules.
It really is like having the top of your Pi exposed so you can link it to a real project board.
Screens, relays and such are just too big to be set on this tiny board and must be set up on a project board.
Although, this board is well labeled, as I get older it is harder to see the labels and insure that the wires match on a board this size.

Perry T.C.
Handy for small tests

It's really handy for testing small setups with a Pi - you get 2x20 rows of GPIO header goodness, 3.3V + 5V pre-connected power rows, and (only) 2x10 unconnected rows to play with. For larger setups, you'll have to cross-connect to a larger breadboard, but for for small experiments this setup is hard to beat.
Breadboard-wise, this isn't exactly premium but it's serviceable.

Brad B.
95% Satisfied

As it turned out I used this for the first time today. Very nice, with the high quality I have come to expect from Vilros. My only complaint is how loosely the male pins fit the breadboard. Could be the breadboard, could be the pins, could be both. All in all, satisfied with purchase, and would recommend.