Vilros Basic Accessory Bundle For Raspberry Pi 400

by Vilros
SKU: VR400AK003

The Raspberry Pi 400 Board/Keyboard is NOT included in this bundle.

This is the Vilros Basic accessory bundle for the Pi 400 It Includes a a Case and keyboard Protector so that you can Protect and store your Pi 400 When In use and on the go, A Pi 400 Compatible Power Supply with inline on/off switch and a Micro HDMI to Standard HDMI adapter so that you can connect your Pi 400 to your screen with your own HDMI cable.



Vilros Raspberry Pi 400 Compatible Neoprene Case/Sleeve with Accessory storage pocket
Custom fit the Raspberry PI 400
Double Zipper 
High Quality Black Neoprene
Pocket for accessories storage 
Loop Handle

Vilros Raspberry Pi 4/400 Compatible  USB-C Power Supply With Switch [3 Amp]
USB-C 5.1V 3A Power Supply
Designed for the Raspberry Pi 4 AND Raspberry Pi 400
UL Listed
Inline On/Off Switch
5Ft Cable

Vilros HDMI Female to Micro HDMI Male Adapter
6.60 inches (end to end)
4Kp60 compliant

Vilros Raspberry Pi 400 Compatible Thermoplastic keyboard protector
Thin  (0.1mm)Thermoplastic Keyboard Protector Protects your Pi 400 against dust grease and spills.
Clear Transparent.
Made with Durable non-toxic engineering-grade thermoplastic.
High precision molding is 100% form fitted to the Pi 400 allowing for unparalleled response. 
Reusable and washable.
0.1mm This (1/5 thinner then silicone keyboard covers)
High Trasnparency Clear
Dimensions: 11.0"x4.5"
Material composition: TPU

Vilros 40 Pin Pinout Guide Sticker.
Can be applied onto the bottom of the Pi 400 for easy reference any time its needed.

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