Vilros 8 Inch 1024x768 Screen and Stand for Raspberry Pi 4 & Raspberry Pi 3

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by Vilros

Vilros 8 Inch Screen and Stand for Raspberry Pi 4 & Raspberry Pi 3 (Raspberry Pi Board is NOT Included)

Turn your Raspberry Pi Board into small desktop with this Vilros 8 Inch Screen and Stand for Raspberry Pi 4 & Raspberry PI 3

  • Note: Screen is a standard screen, this is NOT a Touchscreen
  • Resolution 1024 × 3(RGB)×768
  • 8 Inch screen screen is encased in stand with a removable box on the back to hold the Raspberry Pi, The case also features a preistalled fan to cool the Pi
  • Connects to a raspberry pi via simple HDMI Connection-Includes a Micro HDMI-HDMI Cable to connect the screen to a PI 4 and also includes a standard HDMI cable to connect a PI 3 to the Screen
  • Includes double corded DC and USB-C power supply that powers the screen and the pi board- also Includes a micro-USB-USB-C Adapter to be used for pi 3
  • Turn Your Raspberry PI Board into a 8 inch desktop!!


Customer Reviews

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David B.
Very useful and functional

A nice, small basic monitor. Very portable but with a couple concerns. Most notably, no power switch or brightness control. Blue screen when idle is a little disappointing. On the other hand, screen looks good and is very handy.

Rashid A.
Decent with key issues

Overall, this is a decent display with good viewing angles with the following limitations:

1. By default, the monitor is generally too bright. There is no brightness control. Therefore in darker environments it is challenging to use.
2. There is no input video detection with automatic conversion of aspect ratio. There are no options to manually pick an aspect ratio. This is a 4:3 monitor. If a 16:9 signal is input to the monitor (e.g. from a camera), the image gets stretched vertically. The use case for this monitor is therefore limited to computers with drivers that handle the aspect ratio differences in software. Therefore this is not useable with HD cameras, camcorders or video switchers which is unfortunate since the size and price are ideal for a small confidence monitor.


Exactly as advertised. Fitment and function are perfect.


Our grandson was really thrilled with this gift. Thanks

Robert M.

Works great with my Raspberry Pi 400. Very portable.