USB Wired XBOX-1 Style Gamepad Controller

by Vilros

Vilros Retro Gaming XBOX 1 Style USB Gamepad Set

The Vilros Retro Gaming XBOX 1 Style USB Gamepad Set is an excellent choice for gamers looking to take their game on the road. This four button, wired controller features a classic design and works well with both Windows PC's or Raspberry Pi computers! It also has a long cord so you don't have play close competition while sitting at your desk (or across from each other).

The Vilros Retro Gaming XBOX 1 Style USB Gamepad is the perfect way to play your favorite games on any computer or Raspberry Pi. This gamepad has been designed with comfort in mind, and comes equipped with a standard USB connection for compatibility across all platforms! Not only does it support Xbox One style inputs but also works great when paired up as an original controller thanks to its balanced feel that won't cause discomfort after extended gameplay sessions like you might find out if other generic alternatives from competitors' products.

The best part? We back this up by offering our customers one full year of warranty coverage as standard. So what're waiting get yours today before someone else does! 

Raspberry Pi & Retropi Compatible

  • Vilros XBOX 1 Style USB Gamepad
  • Balanced for Great Feel
  • Standard USB Connection Works Great With Windows & Raspberry Pi
  • 5 Ft Cable
  • Covered by the Vilros 1 Year Manufacture Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Not bad

This controller is great and works with window, but does not work for Retropie