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Raspberry Pi Compatible Tabletop Arcade Cabinet With Built-In 10 Inch HD Display

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by Vilros

Raspberry Pi Compatible Tabletop Arcade Cabinet With Built-In 10 Inch HD Display Arcade Cabinet Only / No Board

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 Vilros Raspberry Pi Compatible Tabletop Arcade Cabinet With 10 Built-In 10 Inch HD Display

A Raspberry Pi Board and a SD card are required to create an arcade with this cabinet.
To have these items included be sure to select the WITH Raspberry Pi Option.

SD cards will require software to be added to run a gaming system.
SD cards can be flashed via the Raspberry Pi Imager Tool

Controllers Work out of box with with Retropi and Batocera.

To use the controller with Recalbox you will need to first install a driver.
Follow instructions shown: Here


Raspberry Pi 4 Tabletop Arcade Cabinet


Dive deep into nostalgia and be the envy of all your mates with the Tabletop Arcade Cabinet.


This retro-inspired console lets you play your favorite retro games, invoking the fondest childhood memories where you’d play games on an old CRT TV until the sun peeked over the horizon. It’s comprised of a rugged MDF wood case that houses Raspberry Pi 4, 10” HD display, speakers, and joystick controls, all packed nicely in a portable, low-profile design that occupies little tabletop real-estate. 


Simpler Connectivity: Features internal Micro HDMI & USB-C connections to connect and power the Raspberry Pi 4 board.


10” HD LCD Screen: The large 10” LCD screen (1366 x 768) will allow an immersive experience with all the color details and sharpness.


Joystick & 8 Buttons: Joystick and 8 responsive buttons will let you play all different retro titles with improved control.


Built-in Speaker: The built-in speaker will offer crisp sound to port you back in time.


Order your mini arcade and get ready to enjoy some of your childhood favorites!



Let’s dive deep!

The Pi 4 is a powerhouse single-board computer that makes it possible to play your favorite retro games from childhood. 


Remember those days from the 80s and 90s when arcades were the place to be? The latest tiles ate our quarters as we chased higher scores. Those days are a part of history now but it shouldn’t stop you from reliving them again. The Raspberry Pi has now made it possible! It’s essentially a mini-computer with just the basics and by using emulators you’re ready to play not only old-time arcade games, but also your favorite titles from a ton of old consoles.


Stop Building Everything from the Ground Up!


Up until recently, it was extremely challenging to set up the software and mount ROMs to get started. Here at Vilros, we know it was a pain in the butt unless you’re good with the technical stuff, which is why we came up with the idea of shipping a done-for-you Raspberry Pi 4 housed inside a cabinet. It has everything pre-included to let you relive the classic video game era, built around the super-flexible Raspberry Pi. So, save yourself time and effort, and get ready for a trip down memory lane right out of the box. 


Get an Authentic Retro Experience!


With authentic arcade controls, a high resolution 4:3 display, and a punchy speaker to hear those nostalgic soundtracks at their best, it will get you the closest to a genuinely authentic arcade experience at home. If you’re anything like me, this would be the single BEST console you’ve owned to date (don’t judge, I like this arcade better than my PS5!)


The beauty of this arcade is that it doesn’t ask you to do it all by yourself. We have already finished all the woodwork, added joystick and buttons, integrated a 10” LCD display, and all the hardware that goes inside the cabinet, so you don’t have to. Even if you’re ordering it without a Raspberry Pi & SD card, all it’s gonna take is removing the back cover to access the Pi slot and then setting up the connections - that’s it!


What’s on the cabinet?


First and foremost, a stunning artwork that carries a retro era vibe. Then, just below the screen, you’ll find a bezel featuring 5 buttons: Mode, -, Menu, +, Power. By pressing the mode button, you can choose the input source (TV, AV, HDMI, PC, USB). The “Menu” button can be used to adjust colors, aspect ratio, etc. While the - and + buttons simply control the volume. Plus, there are 6 precise cut-outs located to the side for plenty of ventilation. Yup, we’re making sure your favorite console doesn’t fry!


A peek inside the cabinet!

The cabinet features a clean design, with easy access, easy wiring and enough space to fit all the hardware seamlessly. If you ever need to change something inside, it will be only four screws standing in the way. Everything is neatly organized, with the wires featuring all the labels, so swapping, fixing, or adding a new peripheral won’t be a challenge. The cabinet is entirely designed out of MDF wood which is harder, sturdier, and promises lasting durability. When you’re done playing, just remember to use a damp cloth to wipe any dust, stains or particles sticking to the exterior.


SD Card Support


All your storage will sit inside an SD card, which is super easy to get and costs nothing. You can order the cabinet with a 32GB SD card from us and that’s all the memory you’re going to need to store, save and load all your retro titles.


Why Raspberry Pi 4?


Wonder why we picked Raspberry Pi 4 for the retro experience? Well, we researched this extensively, checking out one single-board computer after another, and this was the best possible option considering it was jam-packed with the latest tech while still being affordable. It’s your tiny, dual-display, desktop computer with robot brains. Here’s a short breakdown of all that the Raspberry Pi 4 does to ensure your retro gaming experience is nothing short of spectacular:


Two Micro-HDMI Outputs: Exactly what we needed for high resolution and an immersive retro experience.


Fast Working Memory: Over 50% faster read and write speeds compared to the previous model to ensure your gaming experience is free of lags, stutters and hiccups.


Powerful Processor: Contains a powerful processor complemented by 2/4GB of RAM. 


Energy Efficient: It’s fanless, energy-efficient and runs silently while using far less power than the previous models.


Updated USB Interface: The updated USB interface allows faster data transfer speeds. Integrates two USB 2 and two USB 3 ports.


Bottom Line: If you’re on the lookout to relive the retro gaming era in the closest-to-real, fun way, without breaking your bank, this arcade cabinet is just for you. It has got the flexibility and speed of the modern Raspberry Pi 4, so you can rest assured the gaming experience will meet your expectations. Order up before it flies off the shelves!

You can purchase this cabinet on its own or as a kit along with a:

Raspberry Pi 4 Board
32GB Micro SD card with Adapter for programming
Vilros Quickstart Guide with Retro Gaming Instructions  


  • Fully Built and ready to use (does NOT include Raspberry PI Board and SD card)
  • Internal Micro HDMI & USB-C connections to easily connect & power a Raspberry Pi 4 Board
  • Joystick and 8 Buttons
  • Raspberry Pi Board Holder and Slot with access to USB Inputs
  • Internal Speaker with Easy Volume Control

  • Cabinet Size : 16(H)x 11.5(W) x 13.5(D) Inches
  • Cabinet Material: MDF Wood
  • Monitor Size :10 Inch
  • Monitor Resolution: 1366x768


Out of the box the Arcade is Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 ONLY.

For use with a Raspberry Pi 3 a Micro USB-USB-C Adapter and a Micro HDMI (Female) to Standard HDMI (Male) Adapter must be purchased separately.

For use with a Pi Zero a a Micro USB-USB-C adapter and a Micro HDMI (Female) to Mini HDMI (Male) Adapter must be purchased separately.

Customer Reviews

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Good to go and great!

I was looking to build my own cabinet and wasn’t happy with what I was seeing out there as you either have to buy the cabinet and monitor and buttons separate and I was worried about wiring it all up. I looked into hacking an Arcade1up Countercade but did the math and I was going to be in for around $350 -$400 by the time all was hacked and modded.

This kit fits the bill as being an all in one solution (just add a raspberry Pi with your software and Roms and you are good to go!

The cabinet is sturdy and comes shipped all together so the only assembly is hooking up the Pi. The monitor is good and easy to adjust and the joystick and controls are responsive.

If there is one complaint I would have it’s that the power cord has a large converter box (the usual converter like a laptop or other gaming system). It would have been nice if this could have been incorporated into the box but it’s a very minor thing.

If you are at all on the fence about whether to buy this, just do it. It’s a great price point to get a cabinet to play your games on with little effort required!

Michael B.
Nice Bar Top Game machine

I saw this unit just after Christmas and ordered it. The unit came when expected. The documentation is not enough to get your unit running.
On a PC (or Mac) you will need to download the Raspberry Pi imager software, load a MicroSD card via a reader or into a USB adapter and with the software load a RetroPi image. Once you have that you can insert it into your raspberry Pi and install it as in your one page instructions that come with the machine. This gives you no games but will get the machine to boot. You will next need to put a formatted USD stick with a directory on it named RetorPI into the Raspberry PI's USB port and boot the system. When RetroPI see a USD drive with that directory it will add subfolders under Retropi for each Game System Retropi is compatible with. At that point you will need to go back onto the PC and find your RetroPI compatible game and download them into the correct directory on your USB stick that was formatted by RetroPI. Sticking the USB drive back into the Raspberry PI unit and restarting the system, RetroPI will load the games automatically on to the microSD card already in the raspberry PI unit. The games will then be available on your RetroPI Desktop.