16×2 LCD Module

by Vilros
SKU: LCD_1602

Our 16x2 LCD Module is perfect for your Raspberry Pi or arduino  setup. It's pre-soldered with pin headers, so all you need to do it plug it in and start displaying content!

Interface with 4-bit or 8-bit MPU (directly connected M6800 serial MPU)

Display Specification:
Display Character: 16 character X 2 line Character Font:5X8dors+cursor
Display color-Display background color : STN, Black-Yellow/Green
Polarize mode: positive, Transflective
Viewing angle:12:00
Display duty: 1/16 Driving bias: 1/5
Character Generator ROM (CGROM): 8320 bits (192 characterX5X8 dots) &(32
characterX5X10 dots)
Character Generator RAM (CGRAM): 64X8 bits (8 charactersX5X8 dots)
Display Data RAM (DDRAM) :40X8 bits (80 characters max)
Mechanical characteristics (Unit: mm)
Extenal dimension: 80.0X36.0X9.0
View area : 64.5X16 Character font: 5X8 dots + cursor
Character size: 2.96X5.16 Dots size:0.56X0.61
Character pitch: 3.5 X5.6
Weight: g

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Thomas S.
The display works fine and the tu...

The display works fine and the tutorial was helpful. However, a spec sheet would be nice to have and/or info on the backlight. Nothing mentioned in the tutorial on how to hook this up. Is a resistor or pot required? What value?