Horizontal Four-sided Solar-Magnetic Levitation Mendocino Motor

Horizontal Four-sided Solar-Magnetic Levitation Mendocino Motor

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Product description

A Mendocino Motor is a high tech toy that combines magnetic and eclectic power to cause movement.

This Mendocino Motor is a magnetically levitated, solar powered electric motor.
The motor consists of a spinning shaft that is held up by magnets.

It is powered by solar panels mounted on the spinning shaft, which generate currents through coils of insulated wire to keep the shaft rotating.

Set up is easy with no assembly or instruction manuals required at all.
1. Remove the plastic protection from the shaft and the base.
2. Set the rotor to the base aligning the magnets until it levitates.
3. Align the Solar panels at a 45degree angle towards a light source and  give the rotor a gently push
4. Watch the solar and magnetic force combine to rotate the shaft indefinitely !


Great Entertaining and Educational Toy and Desktop Unit.

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