Placeholder Vilros Hammer Header Pin Install Rig for Raspberry Pi Pico & Pico W

Vilros Hammer Header Pin Install Rig for Raspberry Pi Pico & Pico W

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by Vilros


1 X Install Rig
2 X 20 pin Hammer-in Solderless Pin Headers

Additional Pins Available for purchase Here

Installation jig kit contains: Two acrylic base pieces, onto which your Pico sits, two steel bolts, two nuts (use these on top of the PCB to hold it tightly to the base of the jig), an acrylic top piece onto which you hammer, and hammer in male headers.

Solderless headers for raspberry pi pico!!

A headache and frustration easily solved with this installation jig kit solderless option! Always a time saver, now so much easier. This is just the job!

The perfect addition to your soldering station or collection of electronic games and projects for those individuals who want to go high tech without having big drawbacks.

Truly easy to use, anyone can figure out how best to put our installation jig kit contains which installs male headers and requires no soldering iron included in instruction manuals you will get following orders. A single manual contains every detail guide carefully needed for assembly.

Our customers strongly recommend and love the solderless header installation jig for raspberry pi pico. It's a DIY undertaking that can be a delicate and tricky process, which is just what we've designed. This straightforward-to-use product to make it much simpler to insert fitting hammer headers. A soldering iron is no longer needed.

Just the male Pins , Installation jig, nifty raspberry pi hammer headers, a hammer, a few gentle taps with a hammer on a well supported surface, and some tips from our helpful guide carefully made instructions and then you easily have pin headers that hammer straight onto which your pi.

The great thing about this product is that you don't have to worry about the vertical metal pin /metal pins being bent. You won't have to deal with soldering issues, coiled brass wire, too little solder, soldering irons, soldering iron's tip, molten solder, excess solder on the male headers headers,

The both the pin and header is securely attached using the raspberry pi installation jig for solderless header pins. Absolutely no soldering required just the pico, pins, jig, hammer, and a few gentle taps.

Gone is the need for a soldering stand, copper pad, soldering iron, iron tip, desoldering braid, or a desoldering pump. learning How to Solder Header Pins to a Raspberry Pi Pico Board is a delicate and tricky process.

This can be used with a solderless breadboard with the pico circuit board. Investing in a raspberry pi Solderless Header Installation Jig for Raspberry Pi will save you time and money on your next electronics project. This tool is perfect for use on raspberry Pi Pico electronic devices that need male headers.

It comes with everything needed to quickly and effectively attach the solderless gpio hammer headers in a few seconds without using a soldering iron, solder joint, and molten solder. Your neat workmanship ensures that it will stay securely attached during average handling of the device without outsiders noticing the addition of these gpio header pins.



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James B.
Looked like a gimmick but worked perfectly

I have to give a thumbs up to the guy who invented this. the title says it all!!