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Arduino Breadboard Holder

by Vilros

Arduino Breadboard Holder/Arduino Uno Breadboard kit

Prototyping is the process of designing and testing a new product and electronic components. Prototypes provide opportunities for feedback, tweaking design flaws, or figuring out if ideas are feasible at all. That's why we've been prototyping on our creative little plastic plates but it's time to upgrade!

This version of Arduino breadboard holder still holds a full size Arduino Uno hole dimensions and self adhesive clear breadboard. It is equipped with Arduino mounting holes and screws that give you more stability than rubber feet and clamps on plastic tops can offer.

This Arduino Uno breadboard holder was created to be used as a base plate with the Vilros 400 hole solderless breadboard (also great for Raspberry Pi) and has an Arduino mounting board and breadboard mount. Now connection with jumper wires is easy. This product is perfect for projects that requires arduino uno and arduino compatible parts.

The breadboard will self-adhere when placed on the base plate. It can be installed in two ways to hold your arduino Uno securely either via the four preinstalled M2 screws or by using the top secure method with arduino mounting holes and arduino screws if you prefer to have a cleaner look.


Arduino Uno Ultimate Starter Kit + LCD Module -

If you're new to Arduino or you're a long time user this Arduino Ultimate Starter Kit is a must-have.

This is the ultimate Arduino Uno Starter kit by Vilros®. has enough components to get you started making your own Arduino Projects.

This kit includes a 72-page full-color Instruction Manual giving you a full introduction to Arduino programming as well as step by step tutorials on how to use each component in this kit.

The kit also includes a 16×2 LCD Display for use with the “Hello World” and all the other Arduino LCD projects

This Kit is recommended for the beginner interested in learning the basics of Arduino programming as well as the expert in Programming. 

Once you’ve gone through the instruction guide and mastered the basics of each component go ahead and make your own project combing one or many components.

With this kit you will learn what Arduino is all about and how it is used.

You will learn the basics of Electrical Circuits.

The manual will also explain what a breadboard is and how its used.

Arduino is based on C/C++ programming language so we will walk you through the basics to get you started.

Customer Reviews

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Steven L.K.
One out of two ain't bad...

I was excited to order these breadboard holders (two) due to the number of concurrent projects I have going. I usually prototype with a Uno and then build with a Nano. This is a convenient size for the majority of the ideas I come up with. I have a RAB platform that takes up twice the space so these are just right.
Shipping was fast and the price was right. The two included screws are adequate for holding the Uno securely and the mounting holes line up correctly. My only complaint was that one of the two holders was warped down the center where the two countersunk screw holes are. It doesn't sit flat on a surface but rocks back and forth, with about a 3/8" gap when you push one side down. I don't know if it's the plastic formulation or something that happened after it came out of the mold. It still works, but is somewhat annoying.
I think for the price they're worth the money and I love the size. I will probably purchase more when needed but hope I don't get another warped one...

Bernard T.
Good device for creating an Arduino prototype setup

I use this to connect an Arduino and a small breadboard on the same movable platform when developing a prototype model. It holds the pieces together very nicely.


Prompt delivery of correct ptoduct

Peter G.
Nice holder....

Nice holder.

Michael G.
Excellent Arduino holder! EVERY m...

Excellent Arduino holder! EVERY maker needs this holder for Arduino and breadboard. Can’t say enough GOOD about Vilros and this holder :)