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Arducam 13MP AR1335 High Quality Camera Module with M12 Mount Lens for Raspberry Pi, and Jetson Nano

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Arducam 13MP OBISP MIPI camera features onboard ISP (Image Signal Processor), it uses standard Raspberry pi 15pin MIPI CSI-2 interface, and works seamlessly on Raspberry pi, Jetson Nano, and can also be ported to other platforms which compliant to MIPI CSI-2 interface protocol.


This camera relies on kernel drivers to work – one kernel version, one camera driver. Up or downgrading your OS leads to a kernel bump, and you’ll need to re-install a matching driver.


  • Cellular phones

  • Digital still cameras

  • PC cameras

  • IoT cameras


  • Resolution: High Resolution

  • Shutter Type: Rolling Shutter

  • Color Type: Color

  • IR Sensitivity: 650nm IR filter, visible light only.

  • Output Interface: 2-Lane MIPI CSI-2

  • Output Format: YUV422, RGB888

  • ISP Features: AWB, AE, Flip, Mirror, DeNoise, Gamma, Sharpness, Saturation, Contrast Digital Zoom, Digital Pan/Tilt, Speical Effects etc

  • Platform Support: Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano or platform with MIPI CSI-2 interface


  • Sensor Type: 13MP AR1335

  • Pixel Size: 1.1um x 1.1um

  • Resolution: 4160×3120

  • Optical Size: 1/3″

  • Lens Spec: M12 Low distortion lens, EFL: 4.73mm, FoV(H): 50°, F/NO: 2.2 

  • Max Data Rate: 1.2Gbps/laneFrame Rate: 7fps@4160×3120, 11fps@3264×2448/3840×2160, 24fps@2560×1440, 30fps@1600×1200/1920×1080/640×480/320×240

  • Responsivity: 4.7k e/lux-sec

  • SNR(Max): 37dB

  • Dynamic Range: 69dB

  • Power Consumption: 270mW

  • Temperature Range: -10 ~ 70 degrees

  • Camera Driver: V4L2 Compliant driver for Raspberry Pi and Jetson Nano

  • Board Size: 38mm x 38mm

  • Powerline Frequency: 50Hz, fixed

Package Contents

  • 1pcs Arducam 13MP AR1335 High Quality Camera Module with M12 Mount Lens

  • 1pcs 150mm 15pin flex ribbon cable

  • 1pcs 150mm 15pin to 22pin flex ribbon cable


User Guide-OBISP 13MP Low Distortion Camera Module

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