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Configure Fan


Connect the Fan  to the board by connecting the 2-pin header with red cable to Pin 4 (5v) and The Black Cable to Pin 6 (GND)
If you would like to configure the fan via the RP OS connect the Blue Cable to Pin 8 (GPIO 14)

Once you have connected your fan, the fan it will be on whenever your Raspberry Pi is running.

You can choose to configure it to turn on only when your Raspberry Pi reaches a temperature that you choose by following the steps below:

  1. Update to the latest RP OS (see instructions here)
  2. Once updated open the Raspberry Pi Configuration tool by Clicking  on the Raspberry Pi icon in the top left corner and select Preferences then Raspberry Pi Configuration.
  3. Select the Performance tab.
  4. Next to Fan, click Enabled.
  5. If you have connected your fan as described above, the default of 14 for Fan GPIO does not need to be changed.
  6. Select the Fan Temperature at which you want your fan to turn on. The default is 80°C, which will stop the Raspberry Pi throttling on difficult tasks without having the fan on all the time.

See more info from the foundation in regards to fan setup here.