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Heatsink for Raspberry Pi Zero

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by Vilros

Heatsink for Raspberry Pi Zero

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Raspberry PI Zero Heatsink / Raspberry Pi Zero W heatsink

  • Fits perfectly onto the Raspberry Pi Zero or Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless board

With the newest Raspberry Pi zero, Vilros has all your components in stock! This includes heat sink fin to help keep your board cooler for top notch thermal management. It also helps thermal resistance, thermal conductivity, air flows, and thermal performance.

The Raspberry Pi zero is a $5 computer, but you do need to be careful with it as the CPU can run hot. The easiest way to prevent issues with overheating is using something like this 13mm x 13mm x 5mm heat sink. It works perfectly fine on each of the models of raspberry pi zero, however I wouldn't recommend putting it on the model A+ or B+(B+) because the board may not fit inside an enclosure later down the road.

Just note that heat sinks are only effective with passive cooling (no fan).

I have yet to overheat my Raspberry Pi Zero even when running at 100% capacity for multiple days in a row! This is because my unit has been equipped with a heat sink from day 1 which helps transfer heat. If you feel that the heat sink is something you need then we suggest buying one!

You can also buy a Zero W without a heat sink here .

These raspberry pi zero heatsinks by Vilros will fit on a Raspberry Pi Zero, Wireless boards, and other Raspberry Pi Zero boards. These pi zero w heatsinks can protect your board from overheating. Just like it's older brother the Pi 3 Model B.

It Keeps your device cool when doing heavy processing operations. Examples of this are running programs that take up vast amounts of power. High quality GPIO pins, video/audio output on HDMI or composite TV signal with a connector sold separately from Vilros.

This raspberry pi zero w heatsink is the perfect accessory for your Raspberry Pi Zero board. The aluminum block sits neatly on top of either your Pi Zero or P Zero W boards. This aids in helping to keep it cool when you are overclocking or performing other demanding computing tasks.

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a very compact and economical, Linux-based programmable computer and has been developed as a way to learn about programming without having to start with other projects like building computers or phones.

This board is now equipped with 4x more onboard RAM than the Model A+. This computer has an HDMI connector. It is now trading it for an integrated composite video and reset headers. This means that the computer can run at higher clock speeds without getting too hot.

The added integration of WiFi adapters makes this low-cost board usable in even more applications. To power your Raspberry Pi Zero project stacking 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi chips takes up too much space. Vilros' raspberry pi heatsink can get the amount of heat away from the parts on the computer. The pin fins are made of aluminum and cool it down. 

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    Great sale and transaction.


    Does what it says it does. Draws heat from the cpu. Sticks firmly.


    Fits with no clearance problems, keeps the Pi Zero cool. Works as advertised.



    Carl S.
    The heat sink fits the processor ...

    The heat sink fits the processor chip. the adhesive backing is holding it on well. I didn't make any measurements but it seems to be helping to cool the chip.