Wireless SNES Style Gamepad

by Vilros

Wireless USB Retro Gaming Classic SNES Gamepads for Pc, Raspberry Pi, Mac.

This Super Nintendo Entertainment System Controller is designed for comfort with its weight and quality. This element makes it easy to play hours within one sitting. It is an excellent way to avoid the nasty hand cramps that come with extended use of other methods.

The SNES classic wireless controllers are compatible with almost any Windows, Mac or Raspberry Pi. Which means you can upcycle old electronics into gaming consoles without popping another hole in your wallet. Finally, Vilros backs these classic controllers with a 1 year guaranteed manufacturer’s warranty if anything goes wrong!

RetroPie is an emulation of retro gaming. that lets you play SEGA, Nintendo, Game Boy Advance, NES games on either your TV or PC. You can play classic games such as mario kart, star fox, mortal kombat, and more. There are over 100 compatible systems to choose from.

You can think back to ten years ago to the sound of a humming console powering up and the picture coming into view on your television screen. We at Vilros have this feeling deep down in our hearts so we've brought it back! Nowadays things are digitally made with sophistication and precision but what about some good old fashioned nostalgia? This one of a kind collection has all of these fabulous fabs bundled together for total gamer restoration.

If you're looking for even more of an authentic nostalgia try our Weighted Wired snes gamepad usb

 Raspberry Pi & Retropie controllers Compatible super gamepad usbe controller super nes classic edition

SNES wireless controller Gamepads are weighted and balanced for great feel.

SNES classic controllers gamepad snes use a standard wireless USB connection compatible with Pc MAC & Raspberry Pi.

Covered by the Vilros 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

These SNES style wireless gamepads nintendo snes controller are the perfect addition to our Complete Starter Kit with a Retro Gaming Case


VIlros Retro Pie Kit

Welcome to Vilros Retro Pie Gaming Kit. Now you can smash some friends in old school games like Mario Kart or Super Smash Brothers, or try out new classics for the first time with this arcade-style design. This kit includes everything you need to get gaming with a Raspberry Pi 4, including two SNES Style Gamepads and an SNES Style Case!

Just plug it in and turn on your NES Classic Edition while streaming over HDMI into HDTVs for super smooth retro gaming graphics that will have all of your friends oohing 'n ahhing at how cool it looks! So grab the RetroPie Controller Bundle today before they're gone so ya don't miss all the fun times ahead!


The Vilros Raspberry Pi 4 NES Style Retro Gaming Kit is a great gifts for techies and gamers alike. It includes everything needed to get started with old school gaming! The kit features a case made in the same style as the actual console, a set of 2 SNES style controllers, and a raspberry pi all packaged up inside.

Simply open it up, plug things in, and immerse yourself retro games from your childhood. With over 4000 titles available on most consoles plus many more that can be played via this emulator you'll never run out of options or creativity to enjoy your favorite platforms. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Decent affordable controllers

Works well for the money, very light and has that old school feel. Worked well with Pie 4.

Queen A.

Love the weight and feel of the controller! Works perfectly!

Charles L.
Pie 4 8GB and Pie zero works good

Works good on pie Zero and pie 4 8GB. Enjoy

Garrett W.
Exactly what I needed for my retropie.

These things worked perfectly for my retropie setup they were easy to configure and work well with most games.

Mark G.
old style feel

i get the feel i am used to on the SNES style controller but in a usb pc option