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Maker Shack 10 Inch LCD Screen Flip-Back Case for Raspberry Pi 4

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by Vilros
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NOTE: Does not include the Raspberry Pi Board 

The Maker Shack 10 Display was designed to be a robust portable solution to use and display your Raspberry Pi.

Conveniently connect your raspberry pi and store it within the storage compartment. Easily access all the USB and Ethernet ports and if you wish to tinker with the GPIO pins just pop up the lid and access the Raspberry pi board ( sold separately)

What's in the box?

  • Maker Shack 10 inch Screen Case
  • 10 Inch 1280 X 800 LCD Screen (installed and ready to use)
  • Power Supply
  • HDMI to HDMI cable for the Raspberry pi 3
  • HDMI to Micro HDMI for the Raspberry pi 4
  • USB to Micro USB to power the Raspberry Pi 3
  • USB to USB-C to power the Raspberry Pi 4

10" Wide X 8 Inches Deep x 8 Inches tall (1.45" when closed)

 IPS screen.

Customer Reviews

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Drew S.
Broken Maker Shack 10 Inch replaced quick

After receiving a replacement, the original like it was a returned item. Missing packing and cover over circuit card inside.

Maker Shack 10 Inch LCD Screen

I like this thing! Makes it so easy to transport and use my Pi anywhere. There was a little black screw in the box when I opened it, but I can't see where it goes (no obvious holes), but everything works well.


I like this case and screen a lot. I use it as fold up Retro Arch game console. As such this makes for a neat project. Also that's a lot of LCD screen for the money. The plastic quality is better than I imagined.

charles c.
nice product, decent price for sc...

nice product, decent price for screen size, wish i could have battery powered internal, works good


I loved building in a few extras. There is room to fiddle. This is an awesome little laptop for me now. Excellent!