Placeholder Raspberry Pi Zero W with Vilros Adapters and User Guide E-Book-Include

Raspberry Pi Zero W with Vilros Adapters and User Guide E-Book-Includes USB OTG Adapter, HDMI Adapter, Camera Module Adapter, 40 Pin Header, Heatsink & Vilros Raspberry Pi Quickstart Ebook

by Vilros

Barebones Raspberry Pi Zero W bundle Includes:

The Barebones Starter Kit from Vilros includes the Following Items:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W  (Available With Presoldered Header or With out)
    802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN
    BCM 2835 SOC @ 1GHz processor
    wi fi and Bluetooth 4.1 & Low Energy (BLE)
    40 pin gpio pin
    1GHz, single-core CPU
    Micro sd slot
    512MB RAM
    Micro HDMI and USB On-The-Go ports
    Micro USB power
    HAT-compatible 40-pin header
    Composite video and reset headers
    1080p HD video stream
    CSI raspberry pi zero camera connector
    40 pin gpio
    Built in wifi

  • Micro USB male To USB female adapter 
    Used to connect Keyboard etc.

  • HDMI to Mini HDMI Adapter
    nables Connection of a standard HDMI cable to the Raspberry Pi Zero MINI HDMI Port

  • 40 Pin Pin Header  (Presoldered or Separate )
    2x 20 Pins
    Overall Length: 50.60mm
    Overall Width - 5.0mm

  • EBOOK Download Code for Vilros Quickstart Guide for Raspberry Pi Zero
    Basic Instructions for Raspberry Pi Zero

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Anthony R.
authentic item, fast shipping

item is exactly as described, i like the hdmi adapter, it fits very snuggly unlike others i have tried from cannakit

Talt B.
Great kit!

Everything you need to get started with the Pi Zero W well almost. You'll need a power source & USB hub or dongle for wireless kybd & mouse. All of these I had so this kit was ideal.

Lisa O.
Bought it because…

All I needed was the board but can’t purchase just the board anymore. I already have a power supply, the adapters, header and heat sink.