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Vilros Raspberry Pi 4 Compatible Passive Cooling Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Case

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by Vilros
  • Aluminum Case Designed For the Raspberry Pi 4 - Case Itself Acts as Heatsink to Draw the Heat Away from the Pi
  • Includes Thermal Heatsink Compound and Spreader
  • Aluminum Case Comes in contact with the CPU and other chips on the Pi Board to act as a Heatsink and pulls heat away from the Board
  • Includes Rubber Non-Slip Legs
  • Exterior Dimensions: 3.60 x 2.60 x 1.07 Inches

Does NOT include screws for wall Mounting.
It is recommended to use M4 screws to mount case to wall. 

Customer Reviews

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Craig B.
Clean case with good heat dissapation

As always, Vilros order processing and delivery were prompt.
I'd been using the aluminum cases with a fan, which keep the CPU temp in the mid 30's C. I decided to try these non-fan cases to see how much hotter they run. I had an application in a more dusty area, and wanted to avoid the fan.
Installation is straightforward.
In the horizontal position, CPU runs 1-3 degrees C warmer than when in the fan case (w/heatsinks on chips). When wall mounted vertically, the CPU temp is only 1 degree C higher than in a case with a fan, more than acceptable.
These are good solid cases for use in less than pristine spaces. I use them for OpenVPN servers, Pi-Hole, and RasPBX applications.


Delivered order promptly and completely. All of the paperwork was processed correctly and the web site worked very well.

Rodney D.
Works great...

Works great


Product was exactly as described, was delivered on time, was priced fairly and is doing the job that I purchased it for.

Josue L.
I like how quick the shipping was...

I like how quick the shipping was and how they packed my items together