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Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner Set

by Vilros


Soldering tip cleaner set provides a more effective way to clean your solder iron without the mess of water etc.

The large ball base enables a quick and easy cleaning process.

Simply place the cleaning ball inside the dome and rub the dirty solder on the ball.
The dome shell holder will then store the tin residue and keep your work counter neat and clean.

Dome Holder:


  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Size: approx.: 2.95 inches high, 2.76 inches wide
  • Weight: 110 g

    Wire-typed cleaning ball:
  • Material: brass
  • Weight: 16 g

    Package includes:
  • 1 x Soldering iron tip cleaner holder
  • 7 x Cleaning brass wires

  • Wear gloves during the replacement of the metal wire ball and keep the cleaner upright when opening.
  • Do not remove the Metal wire from the dome to clean the tip as this may cause the melted solder to splash of the springy wire.
  • Wait for the solder to cool down before removing the wire from dome.

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