Placeholder Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Basic Starter Kit

Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Basic Starter Kit

by Vilros

Vilros Basic Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi Zero 2


The Basic Starter Kit from Vilros includes the Following Items:


Depending On case selection the kit may include a heatsink as well (check the main kit image of your selection to see if a heatsink is included) 


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Great kit

Got the kit as my first attempt to get into Pi computing. It arrived a few days after ordering, has more things than I need for my application (ADSB receiver). The metal case is solid, and does a good job dissipating heat.
Only gripes: it was a very tight fit getting it in, and removing the micro SD card requires tweezers. Neither are a big deal, knowing the pi is a small device, and in my case it won’t be opened often.

Erik O.
Nice case + extra doodads

Passive cooling aluminum case is very nice -- very solid. Didn't have a big enough opening for Camera 3, but made short work of that with a nibbling tool. The OTG adapter was a must.

Carl D.
Good Parts Combination

Lots of optional parts for whatever your project needs.
Wish I had bought a few more kits before they became unavailable again.

Jovan S.
Great Kit

everything showed up in great condition. the switch on the power supply is very useful. the HDMI adapter makes using a standard HDMI cable possible witch is much better than buying a mini to standard cable. The board itself is MUCH faster than the original witch makes my project build so much faster as well.

John W.
performance in a small form factor

upgraded my Flightaware Raspberry Pi Zero W to the Zero 2 W
%CPU went from %100 on the Zero W to < %30 using the Zero 2 W
Vilros shipped quickly
I'd buy here again