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Make Your Own Robot Car that You Can Control with an Andorid Smartphone and Arduino

Make Your Own Robot Car that You Can Control with an Andorid Smartphone and Arduino

Make Your Own Robot Car that You Can Control with an Andorid Smartphone and Arduino

Two words: Robot. Car. How cool is that!  If you love to play with remote controlled cars, now you can make your own Robot Car controlled by your Android smartphone and Arduino. In this project inspired by Andriy Baranov you’ll learn how to put together your very own.

We at Vilros love all the things this Robot Car can do: it can move both forward and in reverse, as well as turn right and left. It’s got two headlights and two rear lights you can turn on and off. It can be made to go at different speeds. There’s even a horn you can honk!

Here are all the parts, tools, and software you’ll need:

  • Arduino UNO + Genuino UNO
  • 4WD Smart Robot Car Kit (with a DC motor and 4 wheels)
  • Bluetooth Module, HC-06
  • 2 Motor Drivers (Andriy Baranov recommends this model)
  • 4 LED Lights
  • 4 Resistors (221 ohm)
  • Buzzer
  • 2 Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Soldering Iron
  • Arduino IDE
  • Arduino Bluetooth RC Car Android App

1. Assemble the 4WD Robot Smart Car Chassis

The first thing you need to do for this project is to assemble to 4WD Robot Smart Car Chassis. Essentially, you will follow all the steps included in the kit to put the vehicle together.

 For more help with this step, check out this video.

 2. Connect the Wires

Next, you’ll need to connect all the wiring. For this step, you will want to follow this diagram.

3. Upload the Code

Now that your car is ready and the wires are all set-up, your next step is to upload the code so that you will be able to control the Robot Car and all its features.

** Note: before you upload the code, make sure to disconnect the Bluetooth Module from your Arduino Uno Board.  These should be pins 0 and 1.

Here is the code you will need.

4. Download the App

Now, it’s time to make sure your Bluetooth RC Car app is ready to go for your Android smartphone.  You can download the app from Google Play here. 

5. Re-Connect Your Bluetooth

Next, it’s time to re-connect the Bluetooth Module HC-06 with your smartphone.

**Note, you probably will need to enter a pin code: 0000 or 1234

6. Get Ready to Make Your Robot Car Go!

Get ready…. set…. your new Robot Car should now be complete and ready to go! Are you ready for it?

Congratulations!  Now you should have your very own working Robot Car that works with a smartphone and Arduino UNO.

If you want to learn more about this project or see the steps in detail, be sure to check out Andriy Baranov’s video about creating this project.

Everyone here at Vilros hopes you’re having fun with your new Arduino Uno Robot Car.  If you’d like to explore more projects using Arduino or Raspberry Pi, make sure to keep coming back to our Vilros Projects blog to discover more creative project ideas to try!