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Get 10 User-Favorite Sensors and Modules for Arduino Uno with the New Arduino Sensor Kit

Get 10 User-Favorite Sensors and Modules for Arduino Uno with the New Arduino Sensor Kit

Get 10 User-Favorite Sensors and Modules for Arduino Uno with the New Arduino Sensor Kit


If you want to get 2021 started with a full introduction to electronic sensors, then be sure to check out the new all-in-one Arduino Sensor Kit.

In partnership with Seeed, a cutting-edge manufacturer of sensor modules and other hardware for IoT, Arduino has developed and launched this new kit which brings together 10 of the most popular sensors and modules for Arduino UNO, all on a single board with easy plug-and-play convenience.

It’s the perfect way to jump into exploring IoT – a wonderful New Year’s resolution at the start of what promises to be the most accelerated decade for technology yet.


What’s Included in the New Arduino Sensor Kit

The new Arduino Sensor Kit comes with a fully-equipped Base Shield that’s designed to fit right over your Arduino UNO board. This Shield has 16 Grove connectors that provide multiple functionalities to the pins in your UNO.

Specifically, you get:

  • Digital Connections (7)

  • Analog Connections (4)

  • 12C Connections (4)

  • UART Connection (1)

In addition, you get a collection of 10 modules and sensors that are built to plug directly into the above connectors, with 6 cables included so that no soldering is required. These are 10 all-time favorite modules and sensors that those in the Arduino community have used to create a variety of fun and useful projects.


The 10 modules and sensors are: Vilros

  • Push Button – that can be used to indicate a high vs. low state

  • LED Light – which can be on, off, or dimmed.

  • Potentiometer – a turning knob to increase or decrease resistance

  • Buzzer – a speaker that produces binary sounds

  • OLED Screen – to display messages

  • Light Sensor – to measure light intensity

  • Sound Sensor – a microphone that measures sound vibrations

  • Temperature Sensor – which measures temperature and humidity

  • Air Pressure Sensor – to read air pressure via a 12C protocol

  • Accelerometer – a sensor to detect changes in movement and orientation

There is also access to the Arduino Sensor Kit Library, software that will help you develop your understanding and expertise of key IoT concepts.


How to Get Started with the Arduino Sensor Kit

With the Arduino Sensor Kit, you get access to an online platform with lessons and instructions so you can play and learn. In fact, there are designated lessons for each of the 10 modules and sensors so that you will understand how each works and will be able to create different IoT projects.

Using the Library that comes with the Kit, you’ll only need a few lines of code to get started with all the modules and sensors. The code is simple to follow and the circuitry required is streamlined through the integration built into the Base Shield. This design makes it easy for beginner and intermediate users to get started with IoT. The Kit is also valuable for advanced users who want to reduce the time need to make circuit connections and get their projects done quicker!


Do You Have an Arduino UNO?

The Arduino Sensor Kit is a great bundle of modules and sensors – however, you need to already have your own Arduino UNO board, a necessary component not included with the Kit.

To get you started, we recommend the Arduino UNO Ultimate Starter Kt + LCD Module, which provides a full foundation, including an Arduino UNO Rev 3 Board plus a variety of components to create multiple projects.

What’s your favorite project you’ve made with Arduino UNO? Have you had success with any IoT projects yet? Share your story with us!

And make sure to come back and find out more about the latest news from Arduino and Raspberry Pi here on our Vilros blog!

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