Check Out the New and Improved Arduino Forum

Check Out the New and Improved Arduino Forum

The team atArduino works hard every day to make complex cutting-edge technology – likeelectronics, programming,IoT,and even robotics – easier and more fun for kids and adults. But there are always ways to improve the Arduino experience.The latest breakthrough is the new and improved Arduinoforum.


The Launch of the New Arduino Forum

After closing for an entire day on April 12, 2021, theforum is nowback in full throttle with an impressive promise: thatserving theneeds of its users will be even more fun,practical,mobile-friendly,and dynamic.

BuiltonDiscourse,the new Arduino forumpromises to be robust not only for the time being butalso for thelong run. This is because it is built within an open-source community, whichmeans that whenever newimprovements or modifications arenecessary, anyone can contribute to the process.

That’s the beauty of the new Arduino forum – everyone can have a say as to how the system should evolve.

The recent upgrade was implemented with the acknowledgment that the Arduino platform is getting biggerand needs more speed. It now hosts more than 1 million users who are responsible for more than 5 millionexistingposts. It is the reason why it is now one of the largest forums in the world that runs on the Discourse platform.


Three Major Improvements from the New Arduino Forum Vilros

Here are just three of the many significant ways the new Arduino forum makes community engagement better and easier:

1) Conversations Are Handled More Efficiently

Any messagesyou want to send to your fellow userswill be saved automatically as drafts as you type them. In cases where conversations become very lengthy, they will be loaded dynamically as you scroll down or type more messages. Thenewforum’s AI will even summarize them for you!

2) Reacting and Reporting Can Be DoneInteractively

If you have something to report or if there is a post that you want to react to, there are accessible buttons that you can click. For instance, if thereis a post youdislike, you can “flag” it so that it gets reported to the moderator instantly. Likewise, if thereis apostyouespeciallyappreciate, you can “like” it justas you wouldonsocial media.

3) Tools to Fight the Spammers

To encourage a vibrant online community, the new forum now implements trust levels andadditionaltools that will discourage spammingand promote good behavior. This makes the forum safer and creates a better online atmosphere for all of us who do want to play nice with others.


Check out the New Arduino Forum Today – And Let Us Know What You Think!

Thenew Arduino forum now functionseven morelike a social media platform.Browsing through thenewforum, therearevisualsyou can’t miss that are reminiscent of the most popular social media sites.For example, you can choose your avatar, utilize emoticons,indicate your likes or dislikeswith user-friendly icons.

Now, if you loved the old Arduino forum, don’t worry – theolder features are still noticeably there, just with upgrades.

For instance, posts are still sorted according to recency. The latest ones appear on top, but now they’reare shown withlinks expanded in the previews, making for a more media-rich experience. You’ll also now see notifications shown when someone replies to one of your posts or mentions you.

So,check out the new Arduino forum today, and be sure to let us know what you think of the experience.

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