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Become a Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner

Become a Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner

Become a Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner


Raspberry Pi has long been useful in an educational setting, serving as a cool, fun, and simple way to get young people interested in technology and electronics. However, as Raspberry Pi products generally offer high performance for a relatively low cost, the brand has also made significant headway into industrial and commercial settings.

In fact, recent studies show that a significant percentage – 44%(!) - of Raspberry Pi devices are now being purchased by industrial customers.

Are you involved in a business that incorporates or perhaps depends on Raspberry Pi specialization? Would you be interested in starting or strengthening the use of Raspberry Pi technology for your company?

If so, you might be interested in one of Raspberry Pi’s newest initiatives, the Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partners Program.


The New Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partners Program

Raspberry Pi has for awhile been invested in creating online resources to support industrial and commercial users. Now they’re launching a new program to provide further support for commercial customers who want to integrate Raspberry Pi elements into their own products: the Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partners program.

Best of all, this program also provides value and recognition for current companies that already have proven expertise and specialized knowledge in designing with Raspberry Pi. It’s a win-win-win situation in which Raspberry Pi will be extending its network in order to forge connections between up-and-coming commercial users who would benefit from additional guidance and current experts who can provide it.

In the new program, vetted and trusted design companies will be connected with businesses that are new to Raspberry Pi products and seeking extra support.

The program recently launched with a short list of Design Partners, but Raspberry Pi is looking to expand this group. So, if your company offers software, hardware, or mechanical design services that incorporate Raspberry Pi and you would like to be promoted on Raspberry Pi’s website as an official, approved Design Partner, you are invited to apply.


Benefits of Becoming a Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner Vilros

You might be wondering why you should consider applying to be one of the new approved Raspberry Pi.

Design Partners. In addition to the official stamp of approval from Raspberry Pi, there are several benefits.

As an approved Design Partner, you will receive technical support from Raspberry Pi, including information about Raspberry Pi products and answers to questions regarding mechanical, schematic, and layout concerns, as well as questions about the Raspberry Pi OS software. In fact, every Design Partner gets a direct contact at Raspberry Pi.

In addition, Raspberry Pi pledges to “use reasonable endeavors” to promote its approved Design Partners. Not to mention the instant credibility you will get in the eyes of potential customers from the official recognition from Raspberry Pi.

Best of all, it’s easy to apply. You must have a verifiable history of services and/or product offerings in a discipline, and you’ll want to have links that demonstrate your work. (Also, you must be a 2+-person company – unfortunately no solopreneur businesses at this time). But the application itself can easily be completed in under 20 minutes.


Apply Today!

Are you ready to take your established business to a new level in 2021 as an Approved Design Partner of Raspberry Pi? If so, be sure to fill out the application.

Or, if your business is interested in getting started with Raspberry Pi, you might want to check out the current list of Design Partners to see if you might start a valuable new connection.

Either way, it’s a fresh opportunity to start the new year building new momentum for your business.

And don’t forget to check out more content here on our Vilros blog for more news, updates, and projects ideas for Raspberry Pi and Arduino throughout 2021!